FREE international online Kichwa language course for native English speakers only. NO SPANISH. NEEDED.


My FREE international online KICHWA LANGUAGE course for NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKERS ONLY begins Monday, January 15 at 6:00 pm (Bogota time zone).

Ten FREE 90-minute classes in Kichwa and English will be given at the same time weekly. Basic introduction to the Kichwa language and culture. NO SPANISH is needed or used in this course.

Enrolled students must have a copy of my course manual to participate in the course.

For students living in Ecuador, it takes about one month from the time you order the book to the time your book is delivered. So if you live in Ecuador and you do not yet own my book, you must order the book within the next few days directly through me in order to enroll in my course.

My shipping fee is just $5 more than the $35 price of the course manual for a total of $40. Please send me an email to enroll in my FREE online course and/or purchase the course manual.

Outside of Ecuador and especially in the US, Amazon ships much faster and shipping costs are reasonable. Outside of Ecuador, you can order the book directly here:

For an introduction to Kichwa culture in English, go to the Humazapas website at

If you are not a native English speaker and you wish to learn Kichwa from a local Spanish-speaking Kichwa teacher, please contact me. I am happy to send you my list of recommended native Kichwa teachers.

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