Ho! Ho! Ho! Almost out of Time! Don’t Delay


Time is flying! Ho! Ho! Ho! Felix is ready to make your Christmas Feast the most special ever! Order one of King Smokehouse’s delicious smoked mini hams (serves 4+) for only $16 (or even better 2 for $30.00). This scrumptious perfect ham is smoked to perfection then basted in Felix’s secret glaze and brought to you ready to eat or heat and eat later. You can also order a bone in whole (or half) ham with the same tender loving care. Time is flying and next Wednesday is the last day to order these succulent hams. But WAIT there is more! It’s smoky pork season on ribs too. Felix is well stocked on your favorite (ever) “scrumdiliicious” smoked ribs. For now or New Years or any day these are the perfect, perfect ribs in any way. To make your mouth water even more – Buy 2 or more packs of ribs and receive a whopping 10% discount. Oh my my how fine!. Shop the Tienda Gourmet for all the best, hard to find goodies and liquors. A tiny shop crammed with everything you want! Just across from Parque San Sebastian.

King Smokehouse



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