King Smokehouse is Really Hamming it Up!


It’s getting “hammy” at your King Smokehouse. Felix understands that a lot of his customers don’t need (or want) a whole ham. Or they want a whole ham and some convenience ham as well. What, you ask, is convenience ham? Simply the latest and for some, the greatest from King Smokehouse. You can now buy your tender, lovingly cured and smoked Smokehouse Ham in a variety of ways. Whole hams to star on your table. Center cut sliced ham just the ticket for your sandwiches. Diced ham (hand cut from our fabulous whole hams – not the leftover ends and pieces) perfect for omelets and casseroles. Ground ham (again hand ground from the whole ham) perfect for salads and limited only by your imagination (try it in your next batch of biscuits!). So know you know when we say we are the “hammiest” folks in Cuenca. Packaged for ease of use in ½ and 1 pound packages and vacuum sealed for freshness. You can’t go wrong at King Smokehouse. Head on down to the Tienda Gourmet and get in the ham groove. Just across from the Parque San Sebastian. Stop and shop then enjoy one of Cuenca’s most beautiful parks. Coronel Talbot and Simon Bolivar open 6 days a week for you.

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The Cuenca Dispatch

Week of September 17.

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