What’s the Latest from King Smokehouse?


Time to mosey down to the King Smokehouse and see what the latest news might be. What did we find? Yummy big news for sure. Felix has some amazing goodies for you in stock right now. One, is his absolutely scrumptiously delicious Italian sausage, brimming with a burst of spices cradled in the finest ground pork. So perfect for everything – pizza, sauces, meatballs, you name it it fits. Then there is the ham – oh yes – the ham. Choose a bolito (small baby ham just perfectly sized) or a package of sliced ham (think sandwiches, piled high with this tender delight, or in the perfect casserole, or a fluffy morning omelet) with so many options. The hams are prepared with the utmost care and smoked to hammy perfection. How will you choose? I don’t have a clue – oh yes just come for some of each and you won’t go wrong! We are just across from Parque San Sebastian and open daily (except Sunday) for your convenience. Look for the Tienda Gourmet and step inside for a plethora of delicious gourmet foods, wines, spirits, and KING SMOKEHOUSE! Home of yum yum yum.

King Smokehouse



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