Yum Yum a Special Taste Treat from King Smokehouse!


For a short time only (while they last – which won’t be long!) Felix has a scrumptious new taste treat for you to enjoy! Boneless, mini-hams (2 pounds each) that have been cured, infused with a hint of pineapple and glazed for and exquisite culinary delight. Each of these mini-ham gems are ONLY $8.00 each (yes only $8.00) ham. What a deal!!!! While supplies last so don’t miss out, get yours now. The will be available at the tienda, King Smokehouse or by delivery (small delivery charge). Another yim yum taste treat from your King Smokehouse. Great for sandwiches, hot as a main protein (maybe with a slice or more of the fabulous pineapple you can get here) or for snack tray (think Super Bowl!) oe anything you wish. Versatile and delicious a “can’t beat it” combination. Find King Smokehouse inside the Tienda Gourmet home of all the delights you just can’t find anywhere else in Cuenca.

King Smokehouse



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