Registration is open for group Spanish classes at ¡Vamos!


The registration period to sign up for our next group courses is now open. Classes will start on March 4 and March 5.

Open spots are available for beginners (3 new classes), intermediates (2 new classes) and advanced students (2 new classes). An initial assessment will be provided in order to know your level and place you in the correct group.

Regular group classes have a maximum of five people per class and they last for 6 weeks (24 hours of class). They take place two days per week, two hours each day. The course fee is $150.

A workbook with all learning materials will be provided. The courses also include free access to the cultural workshops: dance lessons, Ecuadorian cooking, fruit tasting, guided trips into the city, creative writing sessions and Latin movie-forum events.

Every course has its own learning goals with structured activities. The communicative method we use focuses on speaking and listening skills. Regarding our team of teachers, we aim at making the experience of learning Spanish as enjoyable and gratifying as possible. The two foundations of our method are:

1) A communicative approach with meaningful and engaging teaching materials.
2) Fully qualified and experienced teachers that understand the process of learning a language and take into account its rational and emotional components.

If you need further information, please contact us and we will provide you with more information regarding the specific course you are interested in.

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