Reporting Crime in Cuenca


I totally agree with Mr. Martin Simmons. As a retired police lieutenant from a major city in the USA I cannot understand why people are so reluctant here to report a crime particularly as heinous as a home invasion. I read on Facebook how people were robbed and assaulted yet only posted it on Facebook. Does anyone believe that the Facebook police are gonna respond? I get it you want other gringos to know how it happened to you and to be watchful of these predators, I have had the pleasure of working with the Ecuadorian national police and I can tell you they do take their job very seriously. If the crime is not reported it’s not a crime therefore others will suffer because of your reluctance to report it or even dial 911. A friend of ours was brutally attacked and murdered in her home a few years ago, the national police had the suspect in custody within 24 hours. I can only tell you from a former police officer how impressed I was with how they handled the crime scene and apprehension of the offender. The suspect had been involved in other crimes in this area but because of the reluctance to report his deeds he was allowed to break in and murder this innocent woman, so if in the future you become a victim of a crime and don’t report it think of other potential victims these scumbags can hurt.

Richard Hoff


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