ALWAYS FREE “Pozo Millonario Ticket” from Attorney Sara Chaca’s “Ecuador Visas” office at EVERY APPOINTMENT!


Yes indeed, Attorney Sara Chaca (“Ecuador Visas”) and her fully English speaking staff is ‘Paying it Forward’ by providing a 100% TOTALLY FREE ($0.00) ALWAYS FREE Pozo Millonario Ticket provided to EACH INDIVIDUAL EXPAT @ EVERY single scheduled appointment WITHOUT exception for ANY Expat that has an appointment with her or any member of her staff from Monday to Friday (EACH business day) no matter what the specific theme of interest is, directly at her/their downtown office that’s so very conveniently located right at Calle Larga 6-16 & Hermano Miguel

Email Attorney Sara Chaca at so as to schedule your ALWAYS COMPLIMENTARY ($0.00) appointment regarding ANY Visa, Passport, Notarization, Marriage/Divorce, Legal, Insurance, Driver License or even Citizenship related matter, right here in the center of Cuenca!! 

Email Address:

WhatApp: +593 99 296 2065

Phones: 099-296-2065 / 07-410-4087 (Ecuador) OR 1-800-655-1581 (USA Toll-Free)

Physical Address: Calle Larga 6-16 & Hermano Miguel (2 story office building with balcony that shows directly above it the words of “Ecuador Visas”)



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