Dream, Dream, Dream with the Dogs of Ecuador


We only need $4,137 to meet FAAN’s Community Match Challenge to double a $20,000 donation by March 15th and we just know that animal lovers in Ecuador and around the world will make that happen and even go beyond our dream.

At FAAN, we’re dreaming big for animal welfare to build the first, modern shelter in South America and make Cuenca proud of our care, love, and respect for all animals.
Big dreams do and can become reality. One of our donors inspired us by sending the FAAN volunteer team this video of Big Dog Ranch in Alabama.
So our ask of you is to dream big with us, become a matchmaker by March 15th, and join the FAAN-attics who believe dreams do come true. FAANEcuador.org

Tour the Big Dog Ranch and Dream with Us:




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