Estate Planning Matters in Ecuador – End of Life Planning, Wills & Power of Attorney (POA) Documents


As no one can ever know what the future will bring (especially in the time of Covid-19), assuring your family, heirs and/or spouse a reliable transition with regards to your estate, self and worldly effects has never been more important than it is now. Email Attorney Sara Chaca at as per any/all of the above referenced documentary matters for the benefit of those whom you care about most in this world.

To that end, here as follows are three separate articles that Attorney Sara Chaca wrote and published on “Cuenca High Life” which have collectively been viewed thousands of times by Expats, concerning the pertinent topics of Ecuadorian Wills, Estate Planning & Powers of Attorney, respectively, which shall collectively give you a good understanding of the general process and requirements to oversee all such important matters here in Ecuador with respect to any monies and property you bring to, buy and earn/receive in Ecuador, including to guarantee the carrying out of your personal desires of what shall occur around the time of and following your passing (i.e. Living Will & Cremation vs. Burial), plus any applicable Power of Attorney issues per you and your assets and/or medical situations during your lifetime:  AND  AND





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