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“The Last Romance” Is it ever too late for love?

Azuay Community Theatre ( presents Joe DiPietro’s “The Last Romance” July 5 and 6

In this tender yet hilarious romantic comedy by the author of the musicals “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change”; and the Tony Award-winning “Memphis,” love changes everything for three seniors in Hobokrn, New Jersey.

Widower Ralph woos the elegant but distant Carol while contending with his jealous sister, Rose. Ralph’s love of opera and snippets of poignant opera music enliven the story about how life gets in the way of even last-chance love affairs.


Contact information:

Azuay Community Theater


FAAN’s Dating APP this Saturday on Cuencahighlife features three adorable dogs, just ready to meet you.

When you can adopt pups who have been in a loving home, WOW, talk about an “Instant, Loving Family”.
These well-behaved doglets are used to being at home with a loving mama and so their transition is far easier than being adopted directly from the shelter.

You’ve already gotten a peek at Jesse, this handsome Labradoodle is a steady, low energy, companion perfect for hanging out and relaxing with you. He’s mature, chill, and a natural charmer. Humm sounds like a perfect date to me.

Sophie and Maisey are a bonded pair so adopting these girls together is preferred for their companionship, but if these 6-year-old lovely girls are adopted on their own, they will just make lovely ladies and super family dogs.

FAAN has a wonderful Meet and Greet “Date” lined up at the owner’s home where you can see these three “great pups” in their natural environment. We’ll first find out about you and if we think it’s a match, we’ll set up a romantic date. It is such a difficult decision for our amazing FAAN dog parent to part with her best friends, but a move back to the States in September for family medical reasons now makes their adoption necessary.

Write our adoption specialist at or call 096-920-9764
It’s Pet Appreciation Week! Send us a picture of your adorable pet and you for the upcoming FAAN Magazine

Contact information:




Enjoy the company of friends and family in a quiet comfortable environment just like home. Dine on traditional foods from Southeast Asia such as my baby back pork ribs, slow cooked and seared in my Asian seasonings.

Now enjoy fresh grown organic vegetables from my garden.

We are fully booked for fathers day with entertainment provided by Cindy Benson but have some space left for her first appearance on Saturday June 17th.

Phone: 0995443977

Contact information:

Cooking With Rey


Facilitator since 2014. I am an expert in relocation to this beautiful country.

There are many families that I have helped to come to Ecuador. They contacted me from their countries via Zoom, WhatsApp, email, telegram, Instagram, etc.

My service goes further than all the local facilitators. Do not be afraid of coming to a strange country where you do not know anyone, the language, and the culture. From now on you already have someone here in Ecuador who speaks your same language, who knows your culture and most importantly someone who understands your needs.

Here are the diverse, but not limited, services I offer:

– Temporary Resident Visas
– Permanent Resident Visas
– Visas for other countries
– Citizenships
– Relocations
– Cedulas
– Driver’s License
– Car Register (Matricula)
– Ecuadorian and USA Police record
– Power of Attorney (POA)
– End of life planning
I have a lot of recommendations from satisfied customers who support me, they will always be at your disposal.

What are you waiting for? Come to know Ecuador, contact me now. I’m waiting for you. I can’t wait to show you the wonders that my country has.

Contact information:

Monica Gonzaga, relocation consultant services in Ecuador



My name is Marco León and I work in the investment area of the Cooperativa de Ahorro y Credito 23 de Julio Ltda. I can help you with information and services related to accounts, investments, certificates of deposit, ATM cards, online banking, etc. Our Cooperative has more than 58 years in the financial market and is one of the largest Cooperatives in Ecuador. For the opening of our new office we have preferential rates of up to 10.25% per year on certificates of deposit.
Address: Cuenca City, Av. Gonzalez Suarez and Calle 13 de Abril, Totoracocha
If you live in another city, don’t worry, I can help you from the city of Cuenca because we have 26 offices throughout our country, and I can send the documentation or visit you in the place that you want.
To put a CD you need to open a savings account with your passport or your cedula and an electricity bill or another that you can send me by WhatsApp or email.
• We have paper CD and electronic CD, you can choose
• Dematerialized CD for to get an Ecuadorian VISA
• Online Banking (you can see your account statements from anywhere)
• Debit card for ATM “Mastercard”
• The interest of the CD can be deposited monthly in the account that you want, including in other cooperatives or Banks.
• Our website
I leave you the photo of my office, I am to serve you
Cel: 099 2913161

Contact information:

23 de Julio Ltda Credit Union



Azuay Community Theatre ( presents Joe DiPietro’s “The Last Romance” on July 5 and 6

In this tender yet hilarious romantic comedy by the author of the musicals “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change”; and the Tony Award-winning “Memphis,” love changes everything for three seniors in Hackensack, New Jersey.

Widower Ralph woos the elegant but distant Carol while contending with his jealous sister, Rose. Ralph’s love of opera and snippets of poignant opera music enliven the story about how life gets in the way of even last-chance love affairs
Featuring Bob Fry, Patrice Diaz, Jan Carrier, and Bruno Moreno. Directed by Rick Snyder.

Two performances only in the 85-seat Sala de Carrasco theater in the Casa de Cultura in El Centro—near Parque Calderon at the intersection of Luis Cordero and President Cordova:

* Wed., July 5: 3 pm open (cash bar and social hour), 4 pm show

* Thurs., July 6: 1 pm open (cash bar and social hour), 2 pm show

Advance reservations only, please: $15. Visit now to buy your tickets!

Contact information:

Carol Hubbard



Celebrate Knit in Public Day with Cuenca’s favorite yarn store!

This Saturday June 10th come to YarnLux. Enjoy treats and mingle with friends while you sit and stitch. Water, coffee, and tea will also be available. We look forward to seeing you!

YarnLux – boutique de hilo at Juan Cuesta 2-40 y Alfonso Moreno Mora.

Contact information:

YarnLux – boutique de hilo



One year ago, Maria (18 years old) arrived at the doors of Fundación Nur with her three weeks old baby Juan. The baby was sucking her finger because he was hungry, he couldn’t even cry. Maria was ready to give him away and end her life. Taking care of the baby by herself was overwhelming and an impossible task for her.

Patty and Jorge, founders of Fundación Nur, psychologists and physicians supported her process to heal and find hope. She learned how to take care and nurture baby Juan too. Fundación Nur became her new family.

Today, Maria attends the parenting workshops every week to learn how to be a good mother to Juan. When setting goals for the year, she expressed that she wants to finish school and we are helping her to register and to get a scholarship to reach her goal.

The preventive health program at Nur allows her to keep baby Juan and herself healthy. She receives food through the assistance program too.
Maria smiles and carries smile Juan in her back.

Maria’s, and baby Juan’s new life couldn’t be possible without the help of donors that make Nur and these programs available.

Thank you SO much to the 45 people that have supported Nur until December ’23. Do you want to join them?

We are very close to the goal of this campaign and need just 11 more donors of $20 a month for 8 months or a one-time payment of $160.

The campaign allows Fundación Nur to exist and provide education and preventive health to 135 people (parents and kids) that we support.

Please visit this link to learn more or make your donation:
Thank you!
Fundación Nur

Photo: Juan’s health check by physician Khadije a year ago.

Contact information:

Fundacion Nur


1. What’s Salcedo Ice Cream and besides going to Salcedo, how else can one buy it? Of what flavor should one beware?
2. A recipe calls for butternut squash. Is that going to be a problem?
3. What are three ways to clean fruits and vegetables? Is it necessary?
4. What is required for those wanting 600mg of ibuprofen here? What about insulin?
5. What’s Churrasco? What do they normally cost and for what should one be prepared?

0. Strongly recommend going to
1. Probably best to go to
2. Consider going to
3. 50/50
4. You might be ok without
5. I need to talk to you about being a content provider. Please go to and click Support.

Alternatively, one can go to Amazon and buy the book Mas Despacio 1,000 things to consider before moving to Ecuador for only $9.99.

Stay tuned for more questions in a few days.

Contact information:

Rick Ochoa


If you are filing for a Temporary/Permanent visa, I offer a 100% money back guarantee. That’s right. If I don’t get you your visa, you pay nothing. My name is Isabel Mosquera. I am an Ecuadorian, who studied and lived in Canada for many years. I have been a Visa Facilitator for over 7 years and have assisted more than two hundred and fifty Expats in obtaining their Visas, Temporary and Permanent, Cedulas, Translations, Health Insurance, housing and much more. These services are available as one fee package or individually. I own a car, so transportation is always included at no extra charge. I have always gotten my clients their Visas, even under the most difficult of circumstances, such as unreadable fingerprints for FBI reports. Have you moved to Ecuador without the required documents? Don’t worry, I can help. I offer free consultations, either by telephone, email or in person. I am at the Immigration office on a very regular basis, so I am knowledgeable about all recent changes in the law and am happy to share my knowledge with you. I will be happy to provide you with references.
I look forward to serving you.

Isabel Mosquera


Contact information:

Isabel Mosquera

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