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. Are you having speed issues with your WiFi connection?
. Not getting the speed you’re paying for?

· Eliminate weak signal areas once and for all
· Wi-Fi dead-zone killer
· Wi-Fi “Wall Breaker”

Mesh means DeCo units work together to form one unified network. Your phone or tablet automatically connects to the fastest DeCo as you move through your home, creating a truly seamless Wi-Fi experience.

E4 three-pack delivers Wi-Fi to an area of up to 4,500 square feet.
E4 two pack delivers Wifi to an area of up to 3,000 square feet.

·No more buffering
·Network speeds three times faster than previous generation routers, thanks to 802.11ac wireless technology, make DeCo capable of providing a lag-free connection to up to 100 devices.

Price includes delivery and installation set up.

Leonardo: 098 352 2685.

City: Cuenca

Contact information:



Remember, this is THE week for cookies, cookies, cookies!! Four of our delicious cookies mixes of your choice for $10.00. Whopper deal folks. Choose from Chocolate Chip, Jolly Ginger, Oatmeal Raisin, or Sugar. All easy and so delicious. Now is the time to reserve your Holiday main course: Turkey Breast (bone in or boneless), Ham (boneless, glazed and smoked) in small or large, and Whole Smoked Chicken. All at our unbeatable Holiday prices. Felix will be away from the Tienda Gourmet for vacation from the 24th to the 3rd BUT don’t worry we will be open. Felix promises to leave the tienda fully stocked so you will have all your favorites at hand. We are just across from Parque San Sebastian on Coronel Talbot. So many great goodies in a tiny tienda. King Smokehouse, Mountain Home Gourmet, and Cuenca Shop. Truly a one stop shopping spot. Felix Navidad

Contact information:

Felix Salinas

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