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Come and check out our large variety of new and used household items! From couches & recliners, mattresses & bed frames, full dining sets, kitchen appliances, washers & dryers and MUCH MORE!!!

JD’s Muebles
Calle Gran Colombia 21-111 & Unidad Nacional (Zona Rosa)
Otorongo Building

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Dear participants,

My name is Gustav Lehstmann and I am a geography student from Germany at the University of Hamburg. I am currently writing my bachelor thesis on the integration of retirees from the Global North in Cuenca, Ecuador. I came up with this idea because I did a year of voluntary service in Riobamba and visited Cuenca several times.

This survey is about the coexistence between Ecuadorian and foreign society in Cuenca. Its questions address various aspects of everyday life and aim to find out what type of integration is present. The questionnaire includes about 34 questions, varying slightly depending on your selected answers. Accordingly, the editing time is about 5-10 min.

In the context of my thesis, I chose this medium to survey people both because of the pandemic and moreover because I think that most foreigners are very well connected online.

The information obtained as a result of this survey will be treated confidentially and anonymously and used exclusively for the purpose of the Bachelor thesis. In order for the survey to be carried out successfully, it is important that the questionnaire is answered in complete form.

Thank you for participating!

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Gustav Lehstmann


Pampamisayoc Qi Gong is offering the empowering practices of Qi Gong… Classes are offered 5 days a week, Monday thru Friday. Visit our FaceBook Page, Pampamisayoc Qi Gong for a full weekly class schedule., Our Head Instructor has over 60 years of experience practicing and teaching Qi Gong.

Come by for one of our Beginning Classes, there are 7 beginning classes each week. We open the doors a minimum of 30 minutes before the scheduled class time… and our classes start on time… so we encourage you to come early… Or contact us if you have experience practicing Qi Gong and we can schedule you for one of our Intermediate or Advanced classes. This will give you a chance to find out a little more about Qi Gong and to meet us.

Classes are conducted in English.
We look forward to seeing you soon.

17 – 51 Mariscal Lamar entre Miguel Heredia y Octavio Cordero.
(Close to San Sebastian Park).

Frida Curtis Strandberg
098 545 20 54

Contact information:

Frida Linnea Strandberg

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