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Stay at home and let the professional do it for you. Looking for permanent residency, temporary Visa? Perhaps renew your CD Bank? Or maybe cancel your Visa. Do you have any procedure pending at the Notary? Translate a document or any legal procedure…we will take care of it.  Stay home – take care of yourself!

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Lina Ulloa


Vehicle insurance in Ecuador can be very different from the one you are used to since in Ecuador it is not mandatory to hire auto insurance,  some reason why only 23.7% of vehicle owners keep them insured, which is a problem when there is a traffic accident, not having insurance and with the economic possibility of paying for the damages of the affected and their own, the perpetrators of the accident flee generating irreparable losses in the affected, not counting if there are fatalities.

For this reason, a fundamental recommendation of Blue Box is to insure your vehicle, in Ecuador, the coverage is all risk, that is to say, your vehicle will also be protected in case of a crash, as well as it has coverage for damages to third parties, this type of coverage allows you to be insured and in case of an accident, you only pay your deductible that will depend on the value and year of your vehicle. The main coverages are all risk coverage, liability coverage, roadside assistance, towing service, service current passage, tire change service, among others that you will love but one of the biggest advantages of insuring with us is that we have a specific plan for foreign customers get the best coverage in the market with a unique discount for you in your cash payments.

If you are interested in obtaining more information do not hesitate to contact us or send us the information of your vehicle to this email

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Carlos Ramirez

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