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La Guarida is coming close to its 400th film projections. We are so happy to be able to present the best and most diverse film calendar in Cuenca. Join us this week for two new spectacular films and an incredible, delicious and nutritious dinner. We’ll be adding to the menu some Indian inspired dishes to honor Pather Panchali.

– PATHER PANCHALI –. May 17th (Tuesday, 6:45 PM).
Pather Panchali is described as a turning point in Indian cinema, as it was among the films that pioneered the Parallel Cinema movement, which espoused authenticity and social realism. It tells the story of a Bengali family driven by bad fortune. The father, Harihara, is a secular clerk, healer, dreamer and poet. Sabajaya, the mother, works to feed the family and receives with hope and joy the new birth of Apu. Widely considered one of the best films in history and we will be highlighting a few Indian inspired dishes.

– THE NORTHMAN –. May 18th (Wednesday, 6:45 PM).
From visionary director Robert Eggers comes The Northman, an action-filled epic that follows...

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