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Bacon and Booze What Can You Lose?
It’s back to the basics time at King Smokehouse. Back to our roots from 8 years ago. Ta Da!! Bacon. Bacon was the beginning of all the wonderful amazing smoked products at King Smokehouse. From our one product has evolved into a very special and unique little shop. The Tienda Gourmet across from Parque San Sebastian. Now, not only our signature Bacon, but our full line of King Smokehouse smoked goodness, Mountain Home Gourmet Mixes and Salsas (and Sauerkraut is almost ready!), and The Cuenca Shop (with fine liquors and wines and all the goodies you can’t find anywhere else). We present your one stop gourmet shop. Quick ad as you don’t want to delay. Thursday only for the excellent bargains on our “booze” and 10% off a lot of King Smokehouse/Mountain Home Gourmet products. Get going TODAY to the Tienda Gourmet. Oh oh oh and Felix has a LOT of ribs ready for YOU right now. Disfrute amigos.

Contact information:

King Smokehouse



FAAN Global Broadcast for World Homeless Animals Day
Mark your Calendar for this Saturday at 9 AM and join the virtual broadcast from South Africa and Ecuador!
This live broadcast will be hosted by South Africa Innovation, Expert, Michael Lee, and is entitled “Creativity, Community, and Innovation working together to Create a “City That Cares” about animal welfare.

Cuenca Author, Sandra Beaumont will be reading her original story “One Day” and FAAN (Fundacion Familia Amor Animal) will be reviewing a unique and holistic approach to tackling the challenge of homeless street dogs through shelter, evidence-based prevention strategies, adoption, and education.

During the broadcast, we will be giving Cuenca a shout-out for raising funds for the purchase of permanent land for the building of Ecuador’s most modern animal shelter, and on this special day, we’re asking animal lovers in Ecuador and around the World to help us by being part of the solution.
Join us on Saturday and consider your donation this week to the FAAN land and building fund. We’re working to close on the property this month and your support is more important than ever as we complete the land survey, permit process and get building for our dogs.

Join the Broadcast on Saturday!

Be Part of the Solution:
Donate to the Dogs of FAAN for World Homeless Animal Day

Contact information:




FAAN (Fundación Familia Amor Animal) enters into a contract for the permanent home and shelter for Cuenca’s Dogs.

After months of fundraising, events, and searching for land, we can report that the dream of a modern shelter for Cuenca’s homeless, abandoned, and senior dogs is within our reach.

The land we are purchasing is approximately 4 hectares in Tarqui and ideal for FAAN’s permanent shelter for the over 150 dogs in our care.
With your help, we’re making “Cuenca known as the City that Cares about Animal Welfare”.

While we expect to raise phase one construction funds at the upcoming GALA FAAN-TASTICA on October 7th we could use your support this week in honor of World Homeless Animal Day this Saturday!
FAAN will be paying for this permanent home for the dogs with community donations raised and no mortgage, but we do have remaining costs, permits, and land survey expenses that we need to cover. If you’ve already supported our building fund thank you for helping us realize Cuenca’s dream for our homeless dogs.

If you haven’t yet donated, your help this week in joining our Paws Circle of Benefactors couldn’t be more important.
With Love and Thanks from the Dogs of FAAN.
Very soon you won’t call us “Homeless” anymore.

Contact information:




Animal Lovers in Ecuador: We need your help in fostering or adopting this beautiful girl, Sophie. Sophie’s Mom is returning to the US with two other dogs for family medical reasons and she has had to make the impossible choice of leaving Sophie and her Sister Maisey behind.
As expats, it could happen to any of us.

When Dodie first saw Sophie, 5 years young, she was about four months old and was tied, along with her sister, at a rural restaurant in the Cajas.
Dodie befriended the dogs and would visit them regularly for a year until one day the dogs were not there! Dodie was so upset the workers retrieved Sophie from the farm she had been taken to and Dodie took her home.

Although Sophie had a rough start in life she has been happy and healthy for the past five years living with Dodie and has become a loving and playful dog. She is a mixed breed which makes her an original.

She loves children, all people and gets along with other dogs. She is especially bonded with Maisey. It is hoped that they will be adopted as a pair but this is not required.

FAAN will travel with the girls for up to six hours from Cuenca over the next two weeks to find Sophie and her sister Maisey their Forever Homes.
Write us at or call us at 096-920-9764

Contact information:

FAAN Ecuador



Are you thinking about visiting the Amazon? I have the Guy!

I recently enjoyed a fabulous four days with my son in the Amazon, near Puyo.
We were the guests of Michael Vargas, a very old soul, and remarkable man.
The accommodations are rustic, but comfortable. There were so many elements to the time that were very enjoyable.

Michael had different interesting and enjoyable activities scheduled for each day I was there. From hiking to waterfalls, watching how native handicraft is done, shopping at a very authentic indigenous gift shop, etc.
If you are advanced in age or have a disability, Michael provides your personal Sherpa who will literally carry you over any obstacle!!

To me the highlight of the trip, was the celebration of my son’s birthday. Michael supplied the cake, I supplied $20 for whiskey, and my son had a birthday he will never forget, surrounded by a whole coterie of new best friends.

Michael is not only a fabulous host, but he is also building his own sustainable community. His intention is to be able to supply all of his guests solely from his land. He told me his next project was to get several beehives so he will not need to buy sugar.

Michael is the real deal. He puts thought and energy into giving his guests an experience they will enjoy and remember.

If you are looking for a way to have good if you time with the authentic jungle experience, this is the guy!!

Name: Michael Vargas

Phone: 098 452 2834

Contact information:

Tom Northcote


Get your tickets for Azuay Community Theatre’s next production $15: “Trumbo: Red, White and Blacklisted—at!
Two shows only—Aug 25 & 26—at the 85-seat Sala de Carrasco in the Casa de Cultura.

For some great background on this troubling time in American history, click for Humphrey Bogart speaking out about the Congressional Committee trampling First Amendment rights
with the Hollywood Blacklist:

Contact information:

Azuay Community Theatre


1. An Expat feels compelled to pick up after their pet when on a walk. Are poop bags even sold here?
2. There are two types of prisons here. What are they, and what do they mean, besides the obvious, for those who find themselves in them?
3. An Expat decides to break several $100 bills at a bank. What may they be asked to do?
4. An expat is waiting in line at a bank. What are they very likely to see that is rare in the U.S.?
5. How common are Credit Unions here and which is the biggest?

0. Strongly recommend going to
1. Probably best to go to
2. Consider going to
3. 50/50
4. You might be ok without
5. I need to talk to you about being a content provider. Please go to and click Support.

Alternatively, one can go to Amazon and buy the book Mas Despacio 1,000 things to consider before moving to Ecuador for only $9.99.

Stay tuned for more questions in a few days.
(For those who’ve read more than 10 quizzes, aren’t you even a little curious? It’s only $10 or $20.)

Contact information:

Rick Ochoa


Satisfy your cravings for authentic Asian flavors with our delicious lumpia and other Asian dishes. From the crunch of lumpia to the savory goodness of Asian favorites, we have your cravings covered.
WhatsApp 096-322-3377

Email us for our full menu.
Delivery days are Tuesday thru Sunday

Experience the taste of Asia, delivered right to your doorstep. Order now and enjoy the comfort of home with Mother and Son Family Kitchen.

#AsianFlavors #Lumpia #DeliciousDeliveries

Contact information:

Mother & Son Family Kitchen



An exhibition of the artwork of Philip Hall, Priscila Uridales, and Jonathan Mosquera. Three floors of artwork. Opening is August 16th at 7 PM. Wine will be served. Show runs to September 18th. OFF arte contemporaneo, Av. de Agosto 4-364, Cuenca.

Contact information:

Philip Hall



I think Bistro Yaku is over all the best bar in town, and it is one of the best restaurants.

The food is fantastic. Reasonably priced, beautiful presented and delicious.

The chef was the former chef at Le Petit Jardin, one of the great gourmet restaurants in Cuenca. Her skill in serving great food is obvious.

As for the bar scene, it is great. Great entertainment two or three times per week, always a nice, welcoming crowd having fun, interested in sharing their fun and very inviting.

Very good times for food, drinks and meeting some nice people

Name: Bistro Yaku

Phone: (07) 283-4353

Contact information:

Tom Northcote


The first thing I like to say about David Jackson of Cuenca Nerd, is that he gets things done. Always.

I have many problems in my life related to technology and I’m happy that I know David, because he always has the ability to solve them. Always.

David is smart, creative, committed to his profession, extraordinarily competent, and extremely professional.

He makes sure that I’m up-to-date with the latest new developments. For example, he introduced me to Chat GPT seven months ago, well before any my friends had heard of it.

Because of David, I have access to over 1000 TV channels in the US, access to virtually any movie, current or classic, and it works all great

Other than that, I can’t say much else good about him.

Actually there is one other thing:

Sometimes my problems need to be fixed ASAP!! David will do a remote access to my computer, and solve my problem promptly.

For me that is a very nice benefit.

Having David as my problem solver has help me deal constructively with the rapid evolution of technology. Whether I need advice on buying a laptop, or help in recovering my lost phone, David is always there.

By helping me deal with the mysterious world of technology, he has reduced by frustration and enhanced my happiness enormously.

I’m think he can do the same thing for you.

Name: Cuenca Nerd

Phone: 098 665 5450

Contact information:

Tom Northcote


Recommendation for Kolo –One of the best dining experiences in Cuenca.

I like everything about Kolo. The food, the wait staff, the ambiance, the prices, the location, and the owner are all superb.

Frank Gonzalez, the proprietor, has put together the real deal when it comes to running a quality restaurant.

It’s not on the menu, but you can ask for the Huevos Rancheros. They are the best that I have ever eaten.

Competent, friendly, engaged and engaging wait staff.

I think you will find this place is delightful.

Name: Kolo Restaurant

Phone: 099 297 5788

Contact information:

Tom Northcote


On Aug. 25 & 26, Azuay Community Theatre ( is performing “Trumbo: Red, White and Blacklisted”—a dramedy about Dalton Trumbo, the famous screenwriter who stood up to the bullies and fearmongers of the #HollywoodBlacklist.

Get your tickets now at for one of the two performances in the Sala de Carrasco theater (Casa de la Cultura, Cuenca). Just $15 for top-drawer entertainment!

Contact information:

Azuay Community Theatre


Paco’s Blues will be renting a big comfortable touring bus (this year with a bathroom) and heading to Vilcabamba on Friday August 25th and returning Sunday August 27th.

The cost will be $35 per person (round trip). This is for the bus trip only and you will need to make your own hotel reservations.

It will be great time to go to Vilcabamba, since it gets cold in Cuenca in August!

Please email us at the address in this post if you would like to be added to the bus list.

Contact information:

Paco's Blues


We’ll be announcing some exciting news this week about FAAN (Fundacion Familia Amor Animal) and our work to purchase land to create the most modern animal shelter in Ecuador/South America.

But First…
An invitation to visit the virtual headquarters of Gala FAAN-TASTICA to be held at the elegant Estancia Rosario on October 7th. This is your chance to dress up and show up for our dogs.
*Evening attire includes jackets for men and cocktail or evening dress for ladies.

Learn how you can volunteer with one of our special gala committees, donate to our auction palooza and grab your individual or group tickets. Parties of eight will have table naming rights and a custom floral arrangement for your group/family.

At FAAN, we know how to PAW-TY and you won’t want to miss Cuenca’s Charity Event of the Year with a VIP/champagne cocktail hour, an amazing dinner prepared by Estancia Rosario Chefs, an open bar, entertainment, and silent and live auction.

Join the FAAN-atics, (we care deeply about our dogs) as a volunteer, sponsor, and guest.
Together we’re making Cuenca knowns as “The City that Cares” about animal welfare.
Write us at or visit gala headquarters.

Contact information:




I highly recommend Sabrina Candela as a paralegal and facilitator. She is the best I have ever had the pleasure of working with. With her exceptional legal knowledge as a last year law student, she offers invaluable assistance in various areas, such as banking processes, IESS, real estate advice and more. Sabrina’s dedication, expertise, and reasonable fees make her the best facilitator in the whole world. You won’t find anyone better to handle your legal needs. Sabrina’s legal knowledge surpasses expectations, and her ability to navigate complex processes in any public and private institutions in Ecuador is just amazing!

But she can also help you facing all the challenges that expats face in a new country on their day-to-day life such as medical appointments, internet, water and electricity services and more!

Her skills and professionalism are unmatched and she speaks great English.

Reach her by whatsapp +593 93 906 2758

Name: Sabrina Candela

Phone: 0939062758

Contact information:

Tom Northcote


Friday, August 18th “The Con Alma Trio”
Saturday, August 19th “The Esteban Encalada Quartet”

Enjoy an evening of great jazz & delicious food!
Food & Beverage service starts at 6:00pm. Jazz concerts begin at 7:00pm to later. (Cover charge: $7 per person which goes directly to the musicians.)
Special menu of your favorite Italian dishes in addition to our full menu!
If you’d like to attend one or more of these events, reply to this email with the date & number of guests attending. We look forward to seeing you! —Debby Degamo

Contact information:

Jazz Society Café!



Discover Top-Notch Legal Services Tailored to Expats at GlobalRights!

Why Choose GlobalRights?

Visa and Immigration Law: Our visa and immigration prowess will unlock the door to Ecuador, making your dream life a reality in this beautiful country.

Civil Law: Our experienced team give you personalized solutions for any legal issues, making sure your rights are protected.

Wills: Safeguard your assets and ensure your loved ones are taken care of with our expert advice on estate planning.

Contract Law: Whether you’re starting a business or signing agreements, our legal experts will review and draft contracts that secure your best interests.

Legal Translations: Overcome language barriers with our precise and reliable legal translation services.

Notary Procedures: We will help you to authenticate and legalize your documents with utmost precision.

Mediation: In case of disputes, we will guide you towards fair and amicable resolutions, avoiding costly and time-consuming stressful legal battles.

Legal Real Estate Advice: Whether buying, selling, or renting property in Ecuador, trust our expert attorneys to navigate the real estate landscape.

Banking and Insurance Advice

Facilitator Services

Join the thriving community of satisfied clients who’ve found their legal haven with GlobalRights. Don’t settle for anything less – Join Forces with the Best.

Call us today for a free consultation!!

Sabrina Candela GlobalRights Paralegal

Contact information:

GlobalRights Legal Experts

+593 93 906 2758


Are you an expat navigating the complexities of a foreign land? Look no further! Meet a dedicated and experienced Paralegal and Facilitator.

A Law Student’s Expertise: Our Paralegal and Facilitator is not just any ordinary professional. She is a last year law student, possessing in-depth legal knowledge.

A Comprehensive Suite of Services: From IESS processes and registration and private health insurance to banking processes and SRI IVA refund, and everything in between – we’ve got you covered! No need to run from pillar to post; our one-stop-shop simplifies it all.

Exclusive Elder Benefits: We value our elders and believe they deserve utmost care and consideration. We can get you discounts on water, internet, and electricity, and let us handle the hiring process of these services for you.

Real Estate Advice at Your Fingertips: We can help you find your dreamed home for renting or buying and give you legal advice on contract law if you are renting, buying or selling.

End of Life Planning Made Easier: Preparing for the future is essential, and we are here to assist you in end-of-life planning.

Embark on a stress-free and rewarding expat experience with the expertise of our seasoned Paralegal and Facilitator. From legal complexities to public institutions in Ecuador, we take care of it all so that you can focus on what matters most – creating unforgettable memories and embracing a new life!

Contact us today for a FREE consultation.

Contact information:

Sabrina Candela Paralegal and Facilitator

+593 93 906 2758


Friday, August 18th “The Con Alma Trio”
Saturday, August 19th “The Esteban Encalada Quartet”

Enjoy an evening of great jazz & delicious food!

Food & Beverage service starts at 6:00pm. Jazz concerts begin at 7:00pm to later.
(Cover charge: $7 per person which goes directly to the musicians.)
Special menu of your favorite Italian dishes in addition to our full menu!

If you’d like to attend one or more of these events, reply to ou email with the date & number of guests attending. We look forward to seeing you! —Debby Degamo

Jazz Society Café
Los Cedros y Los Claveles (corner bldg.)
(one block north of Ordonez Lasso

Contact information:

Jazz Society Café


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