Concerns about mob violence, 13,261,994 voters head to 39,814 polls in March, Gov’t concessions telecom functions, Cañari culture documentaries

Jan 23, 2019

Miércoles, 23/1/2019

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“Noches Circulares” – El viernes a las 19:00 will be the last night walk of the Bienal. It will be through the Museo de Arte Moderno and el Museo de la Ciudad.

Teatro – “El Vendedor” will premier Thursday y el viernes a las 20:00 in the sala “Alfonso Carrasco” in the CCE. This dark play with black humor has the characters selling black market heads, which the customer can buy empty or with the brains. The heads become symbols representing political parties, socialites, soldiers, religious movements and more.

Jesus and his disciples at the Old Cathedral will be part of religious tourism.

Book launch – “Metempsicosis” by Priscila Urdiales was launched Wednesday in the municipal library “Daniel Córdova Toral.” The stories and illustrations are about dogs, found dead, who are reincarnated on another planet. <If any species deserves reincarnation, it’s the dog.>

Documentales – “Música y Cultural Cañari,” two documentaries by Allison Adrian, will be presented Thursday a las 19:00 in the Sala Comunitaria del Museo Pumpungo. The first is about the different styles of Cañari music and its use now. The second focuses on indigenous musical traditions at Tayta Carnaval/Pawcar Raymi and Inti Raymi. There will also be a forum with Juan Carlos Solano from the Quilloac community.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Operaciones de CNT, a concesión (CNT operations, to be concessioned) – the Government announced that the operations of the Corporación National de Telcomunicaciones (CNT – National Telecommunications Corporation) will become a concession to a private company, the U.S. investment and capital management firm, Guggenheim Partners. <Does that mean they know how to run a phone company?> This agreement should make the phone company run more efficiently since it currently employs 7,000 people where the company could function with 2,000. 5,000 will be laid off. <Do you think rate increases might also be on the Verizon?> The government is reserving the right to 25% of the income which should amount to $4 billion in 20 years. <Ecuador better have its sharpest auditors and accountants paying attention to this deal – for at least 20 years.>

Religious tourism – A project coordinated by the Fundación Municipal Turismo (Municipal Tourism Foundation <you should have been able to figure that one out for yourselves> and the Archdiocese was launched Wednesday in the Catedral Vieja with a folleto (brochure – your word for the day). The brochure has information about 11 churches in El Centro, pilgrimage sites, and religious festivals. <Whose religion? Sounds like it’s all Catholic.> Part of the project will be free <the gringo magic word> guided night walks with dramatizations at various churches which will start in febrero, planned for every jueves. <No, I don’t know where to get the brochures, but my guess would be to start at the Tourism Foundation in the Museo de la Ciudad.>

New educational model – The country is studying a new educational model to confront alarming indications that intra-family violence exceeds that caused by organized gangs or common criminals. Vice president Otto Sonnenholzner said that Ecuadorians should be conscious that it shouldn’t be possible that a child, mother, or wife feels safer in the street than in her own home. He stressed that from infancy, children should learn not to repeat what they see with their parents. <Unless the kids come from functional, loving families that do provide good models for behavior.>

Diez binomios van por la Prefectura (Ten pairs of candidates run for the Prefecture) – There are 10 pairs of Prefect and Viceprefect candidates running. <It’s interesting – there are 9 men and one woman running for the prefecture, and 9 women and one man running for the VP.

Election trivia – According to the CNE, the country has 13,261,994 voters who will be going to 39,814 polling places. There will be 221 recintos (precincts – another good word for the day) en Azuay. 192 polling places will be in public schools, 15 in private schools, 11 in casas comunales, one stadium and 2 universities. This includes 13 new precincts in rural areas to make it easier for people in remote areas of the cantons of Cuenca, Ponce Enríquez, Gualaceo, Sígsig, Santa Isabel y Pucará C to vote. <Unlike…… can fill this in for yourself.>

Ajusticiamientos nacen por dudas en sistema legal (Mob justice is born due to doubts about the legal system) – The article is about increasing instances of people taking justice into their own hands. In addition to Ibarra, there has been violence against supposed criminals in other cities. A related article, “Romo reprocha la actitud policial en caso femicidio” (Romo reproached the police attitude in the femicide case), asks why the police did nothing to avoid the killing and talks about the xenophobic reaction. A retired police sergeant gave his opinion why the police didn’t act.

Nervousness in a situation they couldn’t dominate, an agressor who had a knife at his victim’s throat, and fear of prosecution if they fired. Another factor is that police receive very little firearms training. If they want to practice, they pay for it themselves. The police Law is unclear and there aren’t precise protocols for use of firearms. Go to to read the articles.

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