Condo permitting on hold, Orchestra plays movie themes, Photo exhibits open, More fine whine from Assange, Battle of Verdeloma events

Dec 13, 2018

Jueves, 13/12/2018

Hola, Todos –
Actividades –
Pagina cultural –

Exposición – The exhibit “Legible/Visible, entre el fotograma y la página” (Legible / Visible, between the frame and the page) will run until 3/2 in the “Sala Proceso” de Arte Contemporáneo at the CCE.

Fotografía exhibit – Three retired Northamericans, Evelyn Johnson, Michael Hamilton and Burt Johnson, opened a photography exhibit, “Ecuador y más: su tierra y su gente,”(Ecuador and more: its land and people) Thursday in the Galería de Arte “Miguel Illescas.” (Calle Larga y Miguel Angel Estrella). The writer of the article called attention to the photo of Victoria, a senior citizen with un “mal genio” (bad temper – I like these for your words of the day) who attends the bathrooms at Ingapirca and who will threaten you with her cane if you don’t want to pay to use the facilities. <Don’t mess with granny – she’s too old to take any of your pissant attitude. I’m sure a lot of us geezers can identify with Victoria.> The exhibit continues through December.

Teatro – “La Navidad Morlaca” will be staged Friday a las 20:00 at the Teatro Pumapungo. Actress Juana Estrella based the work on Dicken’s A Christmas Story and the cast of 8 seniors talk about their experiences, sad and happy, during Christmases. The play will be presented again el 20 & 21/12 a las 20:00 in the Sala “Alfonso Carrasco” at the CCE.

“El bordado en el Azuay” – This exhibit of embroidery in Azuay opened Thursday in the Galería de Oficios (Luis Cordero y Pres. Córdova) and will run hasta el 29/12. The exhibit involves women in the Cooperativa Centro de Bordados Cuenca (CBC) which was founded in 1989 and currently counts 60 members who embroider articles of clothing, greeting cards, napkins, T-shirts and more from their homes in the rural areas del Austro (south). <This is for you last minute shoppers.>

“Conciencia Corporal Energética” (Energetic Body Consciousness) – This event will be Friday a las 17:39 in the Centro Cultural Municipal del Artista. It is organized by Religare and will have have Primal Dance as its starting point as a way to integrate science and ancestral knowledge. The Primal Dance will allow work in the three dimensions of being human – body, mind and spirit. <Something for the touchy-feely among you.>

Conciertos – The OSC will play Friday a las 20:00 in the teatro Carlos Cueva with a program of music from the movies including The Pink Panther and Star Wars. You can pick up passes from the theater offices entre (between) las 8:15 y 18:00 or from the Symphony offices entre las 8:00 y 17:00.

Conferencia – There was a conference Thursday in the “Down Under Bar Restaurant” (calle Paseo Tres de Noviembre y Escalinata Juana de Oro, first floor). The talk, “Cueva de los Tayos y seres intraterrestres (sic),” (Cueva de los Tayos and intraterrestrial (extraterrestrial?) beings) will be given by Nelson Pineda, researcher and author of “Aventuras en el Santuario de la Cueva de los Tayos.” <Something for you who believe there are “others” who live among us.>

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Book launch – “Guía de peces del Alto Nangaritza” (Guide to fish of the Alto Nangaritza) was presented yesterday by a research team from the UDA. They studied 34 species in the Nangaritza River in Zamora Chinchipe, many of which are edible. <This is for you fly fishers out there.> They also reported that the ecosystems have deteriorated from pollution, erosion, and dam construction which impedes water flow, the natural process of decomposition, and the flow of nutrients.

Batalla de Verdeloma (Battle of Greenhill) – Biblián is preparing a festival to celebrate this battle which was on 20/12/1820. There will be a speech contest Friday with the winning student joining in the military ceremony on 20/12. El sábado a las 20:00 there will be a concert in the Teatro Municipal with the Cuenca Children’s Chorus. El domingo, there will be a 16k bike ride at 8:00 and a festival of ancestral knowledge at 9:00 in the Parque del Niño. The bide rides starts at 7:30 in the barrio San Antonio next to the Municipal Cemetary. <This is for all of you ambitious enough to wander far afield in search of things to do – even to the point of hauling your bikes along.>

Otras cosas –

Titular – Adquieren más deuda con China (More debt with China acquired) – But it doesn’t have to be paid back in oil. Read Thursday’s article in CHL for more info. <It’s not as bad as it sounds.>

Alerta concesión de eléctricas (Electricity award warning) – The National Congress of Electrical Workers met to adopt resolutions demanding that the government prohibit the privatization of strategic sectors including electricity. They are worried about the country’s energy sovereignty <you don’t need to remind me about “The Confessions of an Economic Hit Man>; the probable elimination of subsidies and rate increases if these apparently unobserved sales go through; and their jobs. Their requests to appear before the Asamblea Nacional have remained unanswered.

Fireworks – There is a campaign to instruct the public about handling explosives. Vendors need permits to sell fireworks, documents showing their origin, and are prohibited from selling certain kinds. Agencies are inspecting sellers and going to schools to educate children and youngsters. <This is for you youngsters at heart who are contemplating living with a half a thumb and two fingers.>

More Assange – <This is a different article from the one in CHL Thursday> – Assange’s attorneys have a Plan B if his appeal to overturn Judge Karina Martínez’ decision to apply protocols to Assange’s living situation fails. The decision on the appeal will be made by the Appeals Tribunal in the Pichincha Provincial Court in 8 days. In Plan B, Assange will sue the government of Ecuador in the Interamerican Human Rights System.
In a 20 minute video conference, Assange reported that Ecuador violated his rights by putting him in “solitary confinement” with the application of the protocol.<what the hell did he expect when he moved into an converted apartment that looks like it has 5 regular and 2 small rooms plus a kitchen and a reception room – and he’s got 3 of those 7 rooms <one of which might be a bathroom> to which only he has the lock codes including the room with access to the balcony, and he’s taken over half the kitchen. <And apparently he doesn’t clean his half of the kitchen up. I bet there are some of you who live in less space than that – although you can go outside when you want.>

He said that Ecuador has committed acts of corruption to achieve his extradition. He claims that a series of opinions from gov’t officials including Pres. Moreno about his situation constitute a threat which seeks to make him have a health crisis ending in his death or hospitalization or a political excuse to illegally turn him over to British justice leading to the US where he faces life imprisonment.

Ecuador responded that it hasn’t violated his rights – just gave him some rules for staying in the Embassy. <When you live with roommates, aren’t there house rules? Like cleaning up after yourself and your pet and not hogging all the band width? Or calling down the wrath of foreign governments on your host?> Assange has two options: to respect the “protocolo de convivencia” (protocol for coexistence) <These are more words for the day – good to remember when you search for a new roommate.> or to subject himself to British justice with the guarantee that he won’t be extradicted to any country with a death penalty or life imprisonment.

Permits – The article titled “Edificar condominios es la tenencia” (Building condominiums is holding) about the permitting process for creating developments, subdividing and creating lots, signs, use of public roads, public performances, land use and use permits for businesses, restaurants, entertainment, etc. <Those of you engaged in these activities should have enough Spanish to read the article on your own, or have a good translator.> The Department of Urban Control receives more than 100 applications a day. So far this year, 29,255 have been processed.

Road opening – Av. México to Las Americas has been reopened after completion of Tranvía work. At Las Americas you can take the lane going to Baños. Drivers report it has speeded up traffic.

New internet service – Hughes Net will launch a new high speed satellite service in Ecuador using High-Throughput Satellite, HTS <Greek to me> with coverage of 90% of the homes in Ecuador. <Don’t ask for details. There aren’t any and those of you who are interested, know how to find those details much better than I could.>

Deportes –

Shoe drive – Olympic athlete Byron Piedra is organizing a shoe drive to benefit children and youth of limited means in por rural communities such as Shiña, Chunazana, Morasloma y Puca. He is asking for donations of new and used shoes in good condition. The drive will be from martes, 18/12 desde (to) domingo, 23/12 with collection points at the Federación Deportiva del Azuay (Coliseo Mayor), CEAR in Totoracocha, El Mercurio offices, Versatto shoe stores, CORCOECO in theEdificio Silver Palace, office 102 (Padre Julio Matovelle y Ricardo Muñoz), and the LIFORCE Gym & Beauty Center (av. Ordóñez Lasso in the ed. River side. <Convenient for all you good hearted people in Gringolandia.>

Dakar 2019 – This extreme road rally wlll have its first competitor with Down’s Syndrome. Lucas Barron will copilot an off-road utility vehicle for his father, Jacques Barron who raced motos in previous Dakar rallies. Jacques, who is Peruvian and familiar with the territory and conditions feels at ease, but warned foreign drivers that the dunes are very dusty and you can sink in to the knees. <I wonder if the equivalent on a vehicle would to to the axles.> On the Desafío Inca, he saw overturned cars, one burnt car and many that were “atollados” (bogged down/mired/stuck) in the sand. <The translations seem to refer mostly to mud but should apply to sand as well.>

Descuentos y compras –

Jeep – Sport from $39,990 to Trailhawk 4×4 from $49.990 – Maresa Center –

VW – Amarok Christmas sale, from $34,990 to $39,990.

CVConfecciones – CV Jeans (factory sale) – All sizes, colors and styles of CV adult jeans for only $15.00 cash or $18.00 with card – Children’s jeans 2×1 – av. 10 de Agosto y Paucarbamba – 13-16/12 – 409 7823 or 098 718 9108.

And that’s all for today so Hasta el ? –


Editor’s note: Jeanne’s Periodico is a translated digest of news from the Cuenca daily newspaper El Mercurio. If details, such as event dates and times, do not appear in the translation, they did not appear in the newspaper. The text between the carrots, or guillemets (< … >), is Jeanne’s personal opinion and not part of the news translation.

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