Corpus Christi celebration plans, Bars closed, Street art festival, Communication law goes to assembly

May 21, 2018

Cuenca prepares for Corpus Christi celebration
Beginning May 30, the sidewalks around Parque Calderón Park will be filled with as many as 100 vendors selling pastries, cookies and candies. At night, until June 10, thousands will gather to watch fireworks displays. Cuenca Deputy Mayor Ruth Caldas says the city will release details regarding fireworks sponsors, booth locations and parades for this year’s Corpus Christi celebration this week.

11 bars and stores closed in Saturday night raids
Eleven bars and tiendas were closed for a variety of violations Saturday night, most of thm concerning the sale of alcohol. Pablo Barzallo, director of Historical and Patrimonial Areas said that several of the closures were for

Corpus Christi preparations are being made.

second and third offenses and at least three bars have been closed permanently. By law, the names of the businesses were not released.

Street art festival begins Sunday
The ninth annual Festival ArteCalle, a festival of international street arts, kicks off on Sunday, May 27, and continues to Wednesday, May 30. Performances will be staged in public plazas, including Parque Calderon, Plazeta de Santo Domingo, and San Blas Plaza, as well as at Alianza Francesa and in several public schools. The Colombian song and dance group La Musaraña opens the festival May 30 at 3 p.m. in Parque Calderon. Other performing groups are from Cuba, Peru and Brazil, as well as Ecuador.

Revision of the communication law goes to National Assembly
President Lenin Moreno sends his revisions of Ecuador’s communication law to the National Assembly today. One of the major changes to the law, passed in 2013 under former president Rafael Correa, is the elimination of Supercom, the agency that acted as media watchdog and had the authority to fine private print and electronic media that violated its rules. Moreno claims that the law placed unfair limits on freedom the press and served as a “gag order” on the news media.

10% of Ecuador’s prisoners are foreigners

The ministry of prisons said Saturday that almost 10 percent of those serving prison sentences in Ecuador are foreigners, most of them Colombians. Deputy prisons minister Lilian Guzman said that 3,200 of the country’s 37,000 prisoners are foreigners. In addition to about 2,000 Colombians, 145 Peruvians, 105 Venezuelans, 60 Mexicans, 25 Brazilians, 10 Bolivians, and 17 citizens of the U.S. are incarcerated in the country.

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