Correa blasts Ecuador, other Latin American countries for supporting Guaidó in Venezuela

Jan 26, 2019

Former president Rafael Correa is calling Ecuador’s support for self-proclaimed president of Venezuela Juan Guaidó “a shameful surrender to U.S. imperialism.” Including the other Latin American countries that have rejected the presidency of Nicolas Maduro to support Guaidó, Correa says “they are all like little sheep wearing collars and bells.”

Rafael Correa

Appearing by videolink on the Russia Today television program, Correa praised Russia and China for supporting Maduro and criticized countries of the European Union for not actively rejecting Guaidó’s claim. “The world should react against this nonsense and I am disappointed that a clear message against the attempted coup d’etat has not been voiced.”

Latin American countries should reject the “selfish imperialism” of the U.S., Correa said. “The region is setting a dangerous precedent by joining the empire of the north and that simple-minded huckster Trump. It is ignoring every constitution, every law, and every legal procedure by anointing the imposter Guaidó. Each country must ask itself if they would accept the same illegal acts if they were used against them.”

Correa added: “I do not have anything against the United States as a nation. I studied at the university there and I love the American people very much. It is the government and its imperialism that I don’t accept.”

Correa is living in Brussels with his Belgian-born wife and teaching at a local university. He is under indictment by a Quito court in a kidnapping case and would be arrested if he returns to Ecuador.

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