Correa calls on supporters to join Quito protest and to sing ‘happy birthday’ to former VP Glas

Sep 4, 2018

Former president Rafael Correa is asking his supporters to rally Thursday, September 13 in Quito to protest the policies of President Lenin Moreno. In a social media post, Correa said it is time to “show our disgust with this traitor government and its ultra right policies.”

Former president Rafael Correa

In another post, he added: “There will be thousands and thousands of us and we will send a clear message to the people of Ecuador that we are a powerful force.”

In his messages, Correa regretted that he could not attend the rally personally. “Unfortunately, my personal freedom is at risk if I return to my homeland,” he said. In June, a judge issued an arrest warrant for the former president for his failure to appear at a court hearing.

Protest supporter and former Correa administration official Ricardo Patiño said that one theme of the Quito rally will be opposition to the recent increase in gasoline prices. “This is a decision that benefits economic power groups at the expense of the people and is clear evidence of of where the Moreno government is heading,” he said.

Former vice president Jorge Glas

Following the protest near the presidential palace, Correa is urging his Citizen Revolution followers to regroup at the prison north of Quito where former vice president Jorge Glas is being held. Glas was sentenced to six years in prison in October 2017 on a charge of illicit association in connection to the Odebrecht corruption scandal.

“In addition to expressing our outrage of the illegal incarceration of our dear comrade Jorge, we will sing happy birthday to him,” Correa said.

Glas turns 49 September 13.

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