Correa is moving his fan page to Russia

Jun 12, 2019 | 6 comments

Shut down twice by Facebook, former president Rafael Correa is relocating his online fan page to the Russian social media platform VK, or VKontakte. The Saint Petersburg-based service is known for its low threshold of posting rules.

Rafael Correa in his apartment in Belgium.

Facebook removed Correa’s second fan page last week, administrators claiming it violated rules of personal privacy that prompted the removal of his first fan page in April.

The former president blasted Facebook for violating his freedom of speech and claimed it was bowing to pressure from the U.S. government and President Lenin Moreno. “I am pleased to report that we are escaping the unjustified censorship of Facebook by relocating to the VK social network,” Correa wrote Tuesday on his Twitter account.

Little known outside of Russia, VK has an “open policy” for allowing personal attacks and pirated videos on its pages. The site has been banned in several countries, including the Ukraine, which claims the Russian government has used it to attack members of its government with “fake and doctored” videos. The site was also blamed by some cyber experts for attempting to meddle in last month’s EU parliamentary elections.

Correa supporters say they will broadcast comments by Correa Saturday morning at 10 on a non-fan Facebook page, Citizen Revolution Movement Belgium. In the broadcast, Correa will provide more information about his VK fan page.

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