Correa says Moreno is motivated by his disability, ‘probably’ won’t obey order to return to Ecuador

Jun 30, 2018

Former president Rafael Correa blasted the policies of President Lenin Moreno in a Wednesday interview, saying Moreno’s actions may be motivated by the “pathology” associated with his physical disability. Moreno was paralyzed in a 1998 attempted robbery and has been confined to a wheelchair since then.

Former president Rafael Correa

In the same interview with Spanish newspaper El Diario, Correa said he will “probably not return” to Ecuador next week, defying a judge’s order to appear in connection with a 2012 kidnapping case.

“Moreno is using methods and weapons outside of democracy and of the norms of human rights to prevent a return of progressive projects to Ecuador and Latin America,” Correa said. “He is a professional imposter, a wolf disguised as a lamb, and I believe that there is something pathological in his actions. Sometimes, people who have suffered a tragedy like the one he suffered, express their bitterness and frustration through their actions. In his case, he expresses it through the presidency and this affects millions of people.”

Correa added: “Moreno is a deformed man who takes out his pain on others.”

The former president said he has not made a final decision regarding the court order to appear in a Quito court on Monday. “I am still considering it but I will probably not return,” he said, saying the order is a “potential trap” that could land him in preventive detention.

Correa also said he is needed at home in Belgium following an auto accident that injured one of his daughters.

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