Correa will be called by the National Assembly to testify in Air Force general murder case

Nov 21, 2018

At least nine people, including former president Rafael Correa, will be called to testify before Ecuador’s National Assembly in the murder of former Air Force general Jorge Gabela.

Former president Rafael Correa

The assembly voted to ask for the testimony of the former officials Wednesday when it accepted a report on Gabela’s murder by an investigative committee.

It is unlikely that Correa will agree to testify since he would be arrested if he enters the country. He has been indicted in a 2012 Colombian kidnapping case of a former supporter turned opponent. The ex-president has been in living in Belgium, his wife’s home country, for the past 18 months.

Gabela, who headed the Ecuadorian Air Force until 2010, was murdered after he went public with his objections to the purchase of seven Indian-made Dhruv helicopters, which he claimed had safety problems and were not suited to Ecuador’s mountainous terrain. After his murder, three of the Dhruvs crashed and the government cancelled orders for more.

In addition to Correa, the other officials who will be asked to testify are Gabriela Espinoza Cabezas, Carlos Arroba Proaño, Silvia Salgado Andrade, Simon Omar, Wilson Mayorga Benalcázar and Pablo Romero Quezada.

The assembly did not set a date to hear testimony in the case.

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