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Council elects vice-mayor, IESS crisis, Labor union plans national strike, Gasoline shortage Venezuela, International street performances

Sábado, 18/5/2019

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Arte Calle 2019 – Artists from 9 countries will come to Ecuador for the 10th Street Art 2019 event. They will perform in open spaces. The event has 33 performances and will open el domingo, 26/5 a las 15:00 in parque Calderón and end el 2/6. So far, venues include La Merced, Santo Domingo, El Otorongo, and Misicata Plazas; SOLCA, Hogar de Ancianos Miguel León, Turi, Riaurte, El Valle, the jail in Turi, Checa y Chiquintad.

Exposición – “Temporalidades” (Temporalities), an exhibit of photography, drawings, and paintings by senior citizens, will open el 22/5 a las 19:00 in the upper floor of the Salón del Pueblo of the CCE. The photographers used cell-phone cameras as well as antique cameras. <Like anything that shot film? Remember those “Brownie” cameras?>

The Cuenca street performance art festival is next week.

Pintura – “Crypticum,” contemporary works by Marco Martínez is showing in the Salón del Pueblo of the CCE.

Otras cosas –

Titular – No aplican paridad de género (Gender parity not applied) – It took 4 tries for the Concejo Cantonal to elect a vice mayor. Pablo Burbano, a member of the same political alliance as the mayor, was elected yesterday. There are only two women members on the council who asked for gender parity under the Códico de la Democracía be applied. The same thing happened in Santa Isabel where neither of the two women on the council was elected as vice mayor. <Warren/Sanders anyone?>

General strike – FUT rejected the labor flexibilization reforms being discussed by businesses and the government. They are planning a general strike to oppose the agreement with the IMF.

Security competition – The Primeras Competencias de Brigadas Interhospitalarias (First Interhospital Brigade Competition) was held outside the IESS hospital yesterday. The objective was to make hospitals aware of the importance of a risk management team capable of responding to any emergency. The IESS hospital has about 200 people organized into fire brigades, first aid brigades, and evacuation brigades. <Nice to know if you’re in there and there’s a fire or an earthquake, there’s a plan to get out out.>

Blood drive – There will be a blood drive organized by the Cámara de Industrias (Chamber of Industries) and the Cruz Roja del Azuay (Azuay Red Cross) starting 5/6 a las 9:00 in the chamber’s auditorium.

Womens’ empowerment event – <This is for those of you interested in women’s issues.> “Girls in Tech” and the U. of Cuenca are organizing the “Empower U. Cuenca 2019 event to give university students and students in their last year of high school a place to talk about the future of employment and the digital world. The event will be el 5/6 en el teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz. Register at

Business Page –

Shoes – A family business in Baños is exporting shoes. D”Cuero was started by Marcelo Muñoz 25 years ago as a shoe factory selling wholesale, but never under his own label. His daughter, María Elisa, created the D”Cuero brand to sell the hand sewn shoes on-line in Ecuador and internationally. The business has 30 employees and a retail location.

La Caleta – This restaurant serving “nueva concina ecuatoriana” (new Ecuadorian cooking) has reopened inside the Casa del Águila hotel at Sucre 13-56.

Internacional –

Brazil – Brazilians are the least likely to identify themselves as Latinamericans according to a study. In 2019, 1,840 Brazilians were asked which was the identity with which they felt most related – Brazilian (80.6%), citizen of the world (11.4%), latinamerican (4.2%). In contrast, identification as a latinamerican was stronger in the other countries in the study – Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, México y Perú – where results ranged from 38% for Chile to 59% for Colombia. <Is the continent ready for Bolívar’s Gran Colombia? Which I don’t think ever included Brazil anyway.>

Venezuela – Current oil production in Venezuela is insufficient to reliably provide gas to service stations and to consumers. Since the beginning of the week, there have been lines to get gas with waits of hours in the interior of the country.

Reform of IESS – La Mesa de Estudios de la Seguridad Social (The Social Security Study Board) which is made up of various public organizations has raised the urgent need for reform of IESS and BIESS which are in precarious financial and economic situations. It proposed the creation of a technical group to make the real situation transparent. Since 2015, the pension fund has been affected by $8.144 billion and the health fund has been reduced by $4.775 billion due to enrolling spouses and children of members who do not contribute to the system. <And enrolling old gringos who don’t contribute enough to the system.>

Interns – La Asociación de Internos Rotativos and the Ministerio de Salud reached an agreement in which pay for interns working at public hospitals will remain at $591/mo. The Ministry of Health had reduced the pay to $394, causing protests.

Deportes –

<If anyone is interested in these notices for runs, let me know in the comments section, or I will stop translating them.>

La meta es Vida 5K – This run will start at the Parque Paraíso a las 9:00 el 16/6. Register at Mi Boletería in the Mall del Río, Casa de la Diabetes (Paucarbamba 3.30 y Los Fresnos), Loch by Gova (Bolívar 10-79 y General Torres), Gimnasio Dorian (Gonzalez Suarez between Jijon y Camaño Guapondelig), and Formalab (Federico Malo 1-90 y 12 de Abril) Cost for the general public is $10.00 and for U. of Cuenca students it’s $7.00. The run will end at the old IESS hospital.

Las Cruces 10K – The 55th edición of the Circuito Internacional Las Cruces de Cuenca 10K has already confirmed that several elite athletes will participate. It will be el domingo, 26/5. You can register until noon el próximo sábado.

Descuentos y compras –

Kywi – Sale – Power lawnmower for $315.95 – Grinders for 59.25 & 38.77 – kitchen sinks for 41.50 & 45.90 – 8 pc. bathroom accessory set for 40.40 – 13amp, 4 meter extension cord for 3.51 – power strip for 5.07.

Dongfeng – Prices from $19,990 – Cuencauto (Chapetones y España).

Chery – Arrizo3 from $15,990 – Cuencauto ((Chapetones y España).

And that’s all for today so Hasta ? –


Editor’s note: Jeanne’s Periodico is a translated digest of news from the Cuenca daily newspaper El Mercurio. If details, such as event dates and times, do not appear in the translation, they did not appear in the newspaper. The text between the carrots, or guillemets (< … >), is Jeanne’s personal opinion and not part of the news translation.

6 thoughts on “Council elects vice-mayor, IESS crisis, Labor union plans national strike, Gasoline shortage Venezuela, International street performances

  1. So Venezuela can’t even produce enough gas for its own people. Let’s see, how can we blame the US for that problem. There has got to be a way the we can blame the US for the shortage. Nope Nope. can’t blame the US for this.

  2. Embargos are punishments on governments that have crimes against humanity. There is no other way to prevent these crimes other than war which no one wants. The US is being asked to help because they have power and money (well maybe not so much money anymore). Some consider it meddling and others consider it helping. It is much like seeing someone being hurt in a park. Some people feel they should just walk away and not meddle and others feel that they should find some way to help.

    Another example of an embargo is when Fidel Castro took away land from hard working people and made all the land state owned by Cuba. Many people were upset that they lost their land. Is it not normal to be upset if we lost our homes, land, property. The US did not agree with that communist behaviour so they put an embargo on Cuba.

    Another example is an embargo against Russia because Russia invaded Crimea and took it away from Ukraine by military force. These embargos send a message to other dictators (China Russia Venezuela) that if you take away people lands or have crimes against humanity there will be punishment by an embargo.

    If we want a free democratic society and we want to maintain that status we need to protect it as much as we can. Not by sticking up for the dictators but sticking up for the democratic countries that are willing to help the countries that are asking for help. There are far too many people taking our freedom and democracy for granted and are not trying to protect it from being taken away by dictators like China Russia Cuba Venezuela that have some of the worst crimes against humanity along with being too powerful

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