Cuenca airport still looking for more flights, Lobster season is on, Adventure film festival, Libertarian days, 8k race expecting 8,000, Discounts

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Viernes, 12/1/2017

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming agenda events –

CCE Deadline – El próximo lunes a las 16:30 is when proposals for getting published by the CCE are due in sealed envelopes. There will be 12 publications between Marzo, 2018 hasta marzo, 2019. <So throw that manuscript you’ve got in a drawer into an envelope and take it down to CCE.>

Book launch – “Cuerpo siamés” will be launched el próximo jueves a a las 19:00 in the Cu. gallery” (calle La Condamine 1-10). The book is the result of an experiment between artists, Paulina León and María Dolores Ortiz; and Turbina Publishing.

Cine de Aventura – El Festival Ecuador Cine Aventura (The Festival of Ecuador Adventure Cinema) will be miércoles y jueves of this coming week, at 19:00 in the teatro Pumapungo. The movies on miércoles will be international videos from the Banff Mountain Film Festival, an on el jueves, 18/1, the videos will be national from Ecuador Cine Aventura. <Like videos on adventure travel ads? Models in canoes, hanging off ziplines, etc.>

Articles about –

Bienal – Félix Suazo was interviewed about his pedagogical curator proposal to the directors with whom he analyzed the “Configuración sensible abierta y rizomática” (Sensitive, open and rhizomatic configuration) project which has 3 main elements. The first is to reinforce alliances with the diverse art communities and beyond art, go to the universities, schools, and parishes. The second element is “actualización y profundización de mediadores.”(updating and deepening of mediators – says Google. I have no idea what mediadores is in this context. Those who work in the different artistic medias?) The last element was to read and improve the legibility of a previous curatorial proposal.

“Atemporal” – This show of paintings by Lanner Díaz opened today at the CCE in Cañar.

Concierto – The Orquesta Sinfónica de Cuenca (OSC) performed Friday night at the Catedral Vieja.

Las Jornadas Libertarias (The Libertarian Days) – This convention of artists and others met to talk about politics, culture and current events. No one was in charge of this group of anarchists.

Otras Cosas –

Titular – 2 túneles para llegar al corazón de la mina (2 tunnels to reach the heart of the mine) – The Fruta del Norte, operated by Canadian company Lundin Gold, was inaugurated on miércoles. The tunnels were baptized as Kuri (gold in Shuar) and K´isa (fruit). The event was attended by politicians at all levels from at least 3 countries. They are expecting the first gold to come out of the mine in the last quarter of 2019 and then at a rate of 325,000 ounces annually.

Canciller – Various people are calling for the Secy of State to resign over Assange´s naturalization and proposition that he be part of the diplomatic mission. Great Britain denied that petition. <Sounds like the government is wondering if it’s going to be stuck with Assange for life. I guess we’ll know when the last straw happens if the embassy catches fire.>

Lobster season – During 2017, 165 tons of red and green lobster was caught in the Marine Reserve of the Galápagos by small fishermen between 1/7 and 31/12 which is the season. Consumption and sales are allowed until 8/1. 45 tons is exported to the mainland and 120 tons serves the local market.

Pets – City workers are going door to door to educate people on how to treat their pets. Owners can be sanctioned if their pets do not have ID, are running around in the streets without the owners, and are not vaccinated. To report mistreatment of animals, go to the offices of the Unidad de Gestión Animal (Pres. Borrero 7-61 y Pres. Córdova). Give them your contact info and ID, and details of the mistreatment (who, what, when, where). A sketch or photo or video should be attached as evidence which will be presented to the infractor. You can also call 4134-900, ext. 1650.

Emergencia aérea – The Civil Aviation Agency dismissed the mayor’s application for a declaration of an aerial emergency, but it will be flexible on the permits for new airlines coming into the Cuenca market given that current service is not efficient. <How about barely existent.> It sent two inspectors to look at the Boeing 737-500 that Aero Regional will fly into the Cuenca airport. The airline should be certified in marzo. Its plane has a capacity of 134 passengers and the company is offering flights for $160. ConectAir, an air taxi service, is also in the advanced stages of its application to fly into Cuenca. The “cielos abiertos” decree is in effect at the international airports of Quito, Guayaquil, Manta and Cotopaxi. TAME suspended its Cuenca-Guayaquil-Cuenca flights on 12/12 with the accordance of the the Dirección General de Aviación Civil (DGAC). DGAC also says that LATAM will restore an increase in flights once its plane returns from maintenance. <Gets out of the shop.>.

Police page –

5 car accident – One person was killed and 3 injured in a collision on the vía Cuenca-Azogues near the IESS Hospital. Involved in the accident were “tres volquetes, un camión, y una camioneata doble cabina” (3 dumptrucks, 1 truck, and 1 double cab pickup – your words for the day are automotive and may be useful one day.)

Cattle rustling – Police received a call about cattle rustling with the rustlers, cow, and two calves in a pickup. They searched and cornered the truck whose human occupants ran but were later captured. The “delito de abigeato” (the crime of rustling – a bonus word for the day.) gets you 1-3 years.

Amenidades –

Movies – as usual, go to for show times and locations. The following movies open this week.

2D Pequeña gran vida – Esp & Sub.

The following movies are continuing. All are in Esp.

3D Coco
2D Coco
2D Jumani en la selva
2D El gran showman
2D Starwars últimos jedi
2D Extraordinario

Deportes –

Don Bosco 8K – The 3d Festival Atlético Don Bosco 8K is hoping to attract 8,000 runners on 28/1. The small kids start running a .5K and a 1K route at 7:30. The rest of the runners start at 8:00 from the Plazoleta Don Bosco (on av. Felipe II). Register in the offices of the Tecni Club (Yanuncay campus), inside the Unidad Educativa Técnico Salesiano – UETS, or in the secretary’s office in the Carlos Crespi School on Tarqui entre Rafael María Arízaga and Pío Bravo.

Discuentos y compras –

Sukasa – Up to 50% off sale on selected merchandise plus 10% for affiliates – 13-21/1.

MaxiTec – 10-20% off on all sorts of electronic stuff – 12-21/1 – Miraflores Mall – 2801-180.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Domingo –



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