Cuenca festival activities, Tram report, Mora wine for your health, Bird exhibition at Pumapungo, Another ex-president heads to jail

Apr 12, 2019

Jueves, 11/4/2019

Hola, Todos –
I will be taking a break/vacation from translating from 20/4 to 6/5.

Actividades –

De la pagina cultural –

Exposición – “Arte y fe” (Art and Faith) opened Thursday in the Museo Puimapungo in honor of Holy Week with a theme of tradition and its relation with the environment. They are joining the themes with the “Palma de cera” which is the endangered palm typically used during Palm Sunday.

Pintura y excultura – The 34th edicion of the Exposición Nacional de Pintura y Escultura (Painting and Sculpture) al Aire Libre opened hoy a las 10:00 at the Puente Roto and will run through el domingo.

Del cuerpo del periodico –

High school dancers at Thursday’s student parade on Calle Bolivar.

For the birds – The first Exposición de Aves Ornamentales Domésticas (Exhibition of Domestic Ornamental Birds) opens Friday a las 15:00 and will run until el 14/4 at the rescue center below the Museo Pumapungo on Paseo 3 de Noviembre. Hours during the three days will be a las 10-16:00. There will be breeders of canaries, parakeets, nymphs, and more species and an education campaign about owning birds.

FashionArt – This gastronomic, design, decoration and music event with 90 exhibitors opens mañana from 11-20:30. <Maybe tomorrow’s paper will tell us where.>

Fiesta Intercultural – Zamora, capitol of Zamora Chinchipe Province, will celebrate La Pachamama Raymi from 25-27/4. There will be a recreation of the ancestral fiesta which joins the interculturality of the peoples and nationalities living in the Province. A sunrise ceremony at the La Poderosa falls is planned for jueves, 25/4. There will also be canoe rides and the IV Feria nacional del cacao. An Agricultural and Touristic Fair will be el viernes and sábado is for extreme sports.

“El Puma” – Venezuelan singer José Luis Rodríguez will bring his “Agracido Tour 2019” to Cuenca el 22/6 at he Coliseo Jefferson Pérez. Tickets are available at Ticketshow and Almacenes La Victoria. Prices are $30, $45 and $60.

Otras cosas –

Titular – La Cuencanidad abre fiestas (The quality of being Cuencano (?) opens the parties) – The VIII Edition of the “Vive de Cuencanidad” Parade marched down Loja Wednesday night. The parade was the opening act for the 462nd anniversary of Cuenca’s founding and the theme was the traditional games of Cuenca. One of the games during the 50’s used to be wooden go-carts with races down El Vado, El Padrón, and El Vecino. <I’ve talked to people who were kids here and they remember riding wooden cars down the Bajada de Todos Santos and Bolívar to 3 de Noviembre. A lot less traffic. And it was a dirt road then, too.> Following are some of the activities for 12/4:
8:00 – Iglesia El Sagrario – A thanksgiving mass.
9:00 – Parque Ancladero – Placement of floral offerings.
9:00 – Parque de San Blas – XII “Cuenca se Viste de colores” (Cuenca decked out in colors) Crafts Fair.
10:00 – Explanada del Senecyt – Azuay en tus manos (Azuay in your hands) Show and Sale.
10:00 – Chaguarchimbana – Feria Chaguarchimbana.
15:00 – Centro turístico Aventuri – First Cancross Tourney <anyone have any idea what this might be? Does “can” refer to canine?>
19:00 – Parque Calderón – Lighting of Parque Calderón.

For complete information about festival events, pick up a copy of the the agenda at one of the iTur offices around town. Agendas are also available at restaurants and hotels.

Tranvía – The Comptroller’s draft report on the Tranvía construction was read yesterday, and although the press were <were or was? is press singular or plural?> at the reading; filming, recording and a public release of the report were prohibited. The “aludidos” (those alluded to? <I have no idea if there is a specific legal meaning for aludidos.> have 5 days to respond to the allusions (?). The engineer’s report analyzed the construction, inspection, and unilateral termination of the contract with CCRC.

Hunger strike – Inmates at the CRS in Turi declared a hunger strike. A family member said that inmates haven’t had the services of the “economato” (tienda?) since 1/4. The national prison system is changing their contractor which will be ready to start service this coming Monday. Meanwhile, a contingency plan is being prepared where families can bring in various products, mostly for personal hygiene, to the prisoners. <Along with files, ice picks, knives, etc.? And pizza.>

Water monitoring – ETAPA is readying the Plataforma de Visualizatión de Monitoreo Eco-Hidrológico de Cuenca (Platform for Visualization of Eco-Hydrological Monitoring of Cuenca) that will allow users, including the public, to look at data about the rivers for the past 7 days. Data will include temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation, wind direction and speed and more. The site will be ready in the next few days. <Another way to say mañana that’s even less committing.> ETAPA has also prepared a Quick guide for the identification of macro-invertebrates in the high Andean rivers of Cuenca.

Accidents – A Tranvía train and a pick-up collided at the redondel de Milchichig a little after noon yesterday, leaving considerable damage. Both were going in the same direction, but the pick-up went into the redondel where the accident occured. <Don’t try cut off a Tranvía train – even buses can maneuver and stop better. He actually thought that train was going to swerve and avoid him?>

Banco Pichincha – The bank is 113 years old, providing services in 6 countries on two continents.

Assange – Canciller José Valencia said he would bring information to the Asamblea Nacional about Assange’s non-compliance with the protocols for his conduct in asylum. Ecuador reserves the right to withdraw asylum if the protocols are not met. Wikileaks published that it had discovered an enormous spy operation against Assange using security cameras in the Embassy. <That embassy must be more like an insane asylum than a political asylum. Anyone cooped up in part of an apartment for 7 years, and those who were cooped up with him have got to be bat s**t crazy.>

Vino de mora – Retired agricultural engineer Polivio Martínez is making craft mora wine in the community of El Tablón in Saraguro canton. It doesn’t contain sugar or chemicals and is a natural fermentation of the fruit. He says is it is good for diabetics since it doesn’t produce negative health effects. <I’ll leave it to those who have knowledge about this to debate this claim.>

Internacional –

Perú – Ex-President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski is the second ex-president after Ollanta Humala to be imprisoned for alleged ties to the Odebrecht corruption machine. He was given preliminary detention for 10 days for the alleged crimes of corruption of officials and money laundering stemming from the Odebrecht scandal.

And that’s all for today so Hasta ? –


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