Cuenca holiday events continue, Dance festival, New blood in Cuenca, Assange’s bad behavior, Satellite internet available from Hughes Net

Apr 13, 2019

Viernes, 12/4/2019

Hola, Todos –
Actividades –

De la pagina cultural –

Vitrales de San Alfonso <sounds like a movie title> – The stained glass windows have been restored at the San Alfonso Church. The originals were done by Henry Luis Víctor Gesta in 1888. The restoration project started in 2009 and included releading the windows.

Exposición – “Artificios, Expresiones con metal” (Artifices, Expressions with metal) opened at the Galería de Oficios (Luis Cordero entre Córdova y Sucre). Artists Silvia Di Rosa y Xavier Calé work in scrap iron and metal. The exhibit will be open until 2/5.

Holiday fireworks at Parque Calderon.

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Del cuerpo del periodico –

El Festival de Danza Osmara de León – This dance festival is in Chordeleg today and will continue el sábado in Cuenca. The “De pies desnudos” (Of bare feet) collective will perform el sábado a las 11:00 in El Vado. There will be open classes a las 15:00 and 16:30 in the vestibule of the CCE. A las 10:00, “Libertad” will be performed in the parque La Libertad.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Assange, sin asilo ni nacionalidad (Assange, without asylum or nationality) – One of the reasons the Ecuadorian government revoked Assange’s asylum were his threats to activate “buttons” if the Ecuadorian authorities behaved badly towards him. Assange said he had various hidden buttons he could push if he felt threatened. Ecuador took that as a serious threat. The Minister of the Interior revealed that a member of Wikileaks and other persons tied to Assange live in Ecuador. One was arrested yesterday. The cost of maintaining Assange in the Embassy for almost 7 years was $6,219,000. <Could have built a lot of viviendas sociales for that.> Some of the behavior embassy staff had to put up with included using loud speakers during early morning hours, installing unauthorized cameras and electronic equipment, trying to remove embassy security gizmos, skateboarding, playing football, insulting and hitting <seriously?> embassy staff, and smearing feces on the walls because he was having digestive problems. <In all of the comments I’ve not seen one that expressed any sympathy or empathy for the poor staff that had to put up with all of that. Just because he’s the ubermensch of the free press doesn’t excuse him for behaving subhumanly. If it had been a US embassy, there would have been lawsuits flying all over the place about hostile work environments. Assange is lucky no one ever threw him out the window.>

Tranvía, 5 accidents in 50 days – A traffic engineer and a driving instructor suggest beefing up traffic signals and starting a direct contact campaign to educate tram users and drivers in order to reduce the risk of more accidents. The first accident was on 14/12 on Las Américas when a car made an illegal turn into the train. The driver had to pay $1,000 for the damage. #2 was on 6/3 at Sangurima y Manuel Vega when a drunk motorcyclist drove onto the rails and was hit. #3 was on 29/3 on Las Américas when a woman sideswiped a train and fled. #4 was on 4/4 near Feria Libre when a motorcyclist went into the pedestrian crossing and collided with the train. <That motorcyclist must have cut his license right off the Frosted Flakes box.> #5 was el último miércoles in the Milchichig sector when a pick-up truck went into the roundabout and hit the train. This last accident left $4,000 in damage which will be repaired in 24 hours. The contractors left replacement parts <for occasions just such as these>. The driver went to EMOV to start mediation.

Foundation of Cuenca – About 900 students participated in the traditional Desfile Estudiantil (Student Parade). One float had a student cooking a cuy. <Stick it on the spit, hold it over the charcoal and slowly turn, turn, turn, basting occasionally. I speak from experience.> Following are activities for el 13/4:
9:00 – Museo de Arte Moderno – Guided visits.
10:00 – av. Remigio Crespo entre (between) <This is a word you’re supposed to know so I’m going to quit translating it.> Imbabura y Los Ríos – Opening of the parque de La Paz.
10:00 – Ciudadela Tomebamba – Rapid Painting Festival.
10:00 – Museo de la Ciudad – Traditional dance show.
19:00 – Parque la Libertad – A dance work.
19:00 – Parque la Libertad – Runway fashion show. <Now there’s something that “llamó mé atención” (called my attention/caught my attention.)>

In addition, there are crafts and food fairs around the city continuing through Sunday, including at the artisanal plaza at Simon Bolivar and Hayana Capac, in the seminary courtyard next to the cathedral, along the Tomebamba River and at CIDAP.

Satellite internet – HughesNet has a satellite that covers Ecuador, Perú, Colombia, Chile, y Brasil with 230,000 subscribers. Plans are from 20-50 mg. All you need is a view to the sky and electrical service.

Sections D & E – The articles are about young people who are the new blood in Cuenca (la nueva savia (sap)) in different fields.

Descuentos y compras –

<Too many to translate with the energy I’ve got. Today’s paper has 5 sections and 60 pages – a lot of them ads. So just go shopping.>

And that’s all for today so la Hasta ? –


Editor’s note: Jeanne’s Periodico is a translated digest of news from the Cuenca daily newspaper El Mercurio. If details, such as event dates and times, do not appear in the translation, they did not appear in the newspaper. The text between the carrots, or guillemets (< … >), is Jeanne’s personal opinion and not part of the news translation.

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