Cuenca records coldest temperatures of the year as high pressure moves in

Sep 6, 2018

A high pressure system moving up from the south is bringing Cuenca the coldest morning temperatures of the year. On Thursday, area lows ranged from -1 Centigrade (30 F) in the city’s western suburbs to 5 C (41 F) in Challuabamba, in the northeast. Most areas in the Cajas National Park recorded morning lows of -5 or lower and snow was visible at higher elevations.

Snow covered roadways in parts of the Cajas Mountains on Wednesday morning.

According to the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (INAMHI) the cooler than average temperatures will continue through Saturday. “It is still winter in Peru, Chile and Argentina and climatic factors are moving cold air from that region to the north,” INAMHI said in bulletin. The coldest temperatures will be recorded in the southern Ecuador Andes, the statement said.

INAMHI warned that the clear skies ushered in by high pressure also poses a threat. “We expect above average UV radiation levels throughout the central mountain valley,” INAMHI said. “We encourage residents to avoid direct sunlight if possible.”

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