‘Dangerous’ beggars arrested on city buses and El Centro streets

Jun 24, 2019 | 20 comments

Police arrested eight beggars on Saturday and Sunday following reports of “threatening and dangerous” behavior on public buses and historic district streets.

Police take an “aggressive” beggar into custody. (El Mercurio)

“These individuals have been frightening residents in their demands for money,” said a spokeswoman for Cuenca’s Citizen Guard. “We called the National Police and they made the arrests.”

In one incident Saturday on Calle Gran Colombia, four individuals allegedly surrounded two pedestrians, telling them if they bought candy they would be not be hurt. Another arrest was made Sunday on Presidente Borrero when a police officer observed “aggressive behavior” of a man attempting to sell lollipops to passersby.

Two arrests were made by police on municipal buses following complaints. In one case, according the spokeswoman, a man told a female passenger that he had just been released from prison and she should buy candy so he would not be forced to commit crime again.

Police said that four of those arrested were from Guayaquil, three were Venezuelans and one was Peruvian.

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