Dangerous intersections studied, Corpus Christi sweets for the masses, Music festival, Orchid farm open house, Odebrecht near bankruptcy

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Jueves, 20/6/2019

Hola, Todos –
Actividades –

De la pagina cultural –

Fiesta de Música – The prelude to this festival will be Friday from 10-16:00 in one of the spaces at the Museo Pumapungo. It will feature 80 students from the Colegio de Artes Conservatorio José María Rodríguez together with winds, percussion and dance. At 11:00, there will be 15 young clarinetists and at 15:00 a concert of percussion followed by traditional and modern dance. The inaugural of the Fiesta de la Música will be Friday a las 19:00 in the Alianza Francesa. <This writer is more confused today than he usually is – it’s hard to tell what’s happening, when and with whom.>

Exposición – The exhibit, “Sueños de Barro,” by 15 art students at the U. of Cuenca opened today in the Quinta Bolívar ( Puente de Gapal).

Event – “Guitarreada: maratón de canción libre” (Guitarreada: free song marathon) will be Friday a las 19:00 in the Lakomuna (Escalinatas del Otorongo) with both invited artists and an open mike. <So there’s your venue if you think you can sing.>

Del cuerpo del periodico –

There will be an open house at the Ecuagenera orchid farm in Gualaceo.

“Gran Bazar” – The “Gran Bazar de Corpus Christi” will be from jueves, 20/6 al 27/6 in the events salon of the Seminario San Luis (Benigno Malo y Bolívar, 2nd floor). There will be 50 craftsmen and entrepreneurs selling products in wood and leather, natural cosmetics, embroidery, semi-precious stones, ceramics, jewelry, food and costume jewelry.

Festival de la Papa – The festival will start Friday a las 9:00 with a talk geared towards growers, professionals, students and others dedicated to potato cultivation. It will be in the Centro Civico del Municipio of Cañar. El domingo from 9:00, there will be a show on av. Ingapirca with seeds, varieties, and potato products. There will be stage shows and other activities.

Otras cosas –

Titular – ‘Dulce’ celebración del Corpus Christi (‘Sweet’ celebration of Corpus Christi) – From Thursday to el 30/6, parque Calderón will smell of sweets. These, along with fireworks and burning castillos characterize Corpus Christi. Until the last century, only a few fortunate people could enjoy Corpus candies since the recipes were held by nuns in convents. Only family members of nuns or the upper classes had the luck to taste these treats. The recipes started to leak out in the 50’s and people learned how to make the sweets. <This is also National Dentist’s Day. Look for 2×1 specials on toothpaste.>
Nydia Vázquez de Fernando de Cordova <sounds like she’s from and/or married into a fancy family> researched recipes, including old Spanish recipes, and managed to acquire others which she published in a book titled “Dulces de Corpus” in 1997. Her mother wept because she considered her daughter a traitor. Nydia herself felt proud that the recipes and candies wouldn’t disappear. Since she considered the 1997 book a draft, she republished “Ashanga” in 2016 and added typical foods of Cuenca. Now many families depend on producing these sweets for their livings, and from being enjoyed solely by a privileged few, the candies are iconic for Corpus.

Robbery suspects captured – La Policía Nacional captured 3 suspects in the robbery of 4 businesses located on Padre Aguirre and Simón Bolívar. One was a taxi driver. <In Cuenca, a bright yellow getaway car wouldn’t be noticable.>

Doctor killed – The body of a Cuban doctor who worked for IESS and had lived in Cuenca for 10 years was found yesterday morning in the bushes on the side of the vía a Chiquintad, NE of Cuenca. Robert Celorrio was stabbed 11 times and apparently thrown from the road towards the río Machángara, but did not wind up in the river. The Kia Río he was driving has not been found. Dr. Celorrio last spoke with someone at 20:30 on Tuesday night when he said he was going to Los Trigales to check up on a patient. He never returned to his home in the center of Cuenca.

Caos vehicular – “Cruces peligrosos” (Dangerous crossings) are being studied by the Dirección de Gestión de Movilidad (DGM – Department of Mobility Management). One is the intersection of Don Bosco and Loja where traffic on Loja is forced to made risky “maniobras” (maneuvers – <this is a word I have to put into Google translate because I can’t spell it in English.> I also like it for your word for the day.) Another is at Heroes de Verdeloma y Nicanor Merchán. Neither has a left turn signal which is needed at rush hour to accommodate the flow of traffic.

Referendum – <This is for you civics junkies.> El Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE) has announced the requirements for submitting a referendum. Before submitting the forms, the question on the referendum must be reviewed by the Corte Constitucional (CC) for constitutionality. The referendum must have signatures from 5% of the electoral roll (663,099. To call a a constituent Assembly, there must be 12% or 1,592,159 signatures in support. The current electoral roll is 13,261,994.

Internacional –

Odebrecht – The Brazilian contractor involved in corruption on projects throughout Latin America is on the verge of bankruptcy. The Banco do Brasil has put $513 million into reserve for difficult to collect debts in case Odebrecht defaults

Descuentos y compras –

Tía – Tía inaugurated a new world class distribution center, “Centro Nacional de Distribución “Lomas de Sargentillo” today. It’s got a “put to light” system <whatever that is>, a lab to analyze and develop new products, space for 41,000 pallets, solar electric, and the highest level software.

Ecuagenera – Casa Abierta (Open House) and 10-50% off sale – visit “The Orchid Garden” – 20-25/6 from 9-18:00 – Gualaceo

And that’s all for today so Hasta ? –


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