Day of Innocents parade proves, once again, that sacred cows make the best hamburgers

Jan 8, 2019

Severed trophy heads of fallen politicians are hoisted by their executioners Sunday night (El Mercurio).

Nothing was sacred Sunday night as a crowd of more than 20,000 lined Av. Huayna Capac for Cuenca’s annual Day of the Innocents parade. Although many of the 28 entries aimed satirical barbs at Ecuadorian politicians and institutions, others used humor and dance to promote social and environmental causes and national traditions.

For the first time, North American expats made an official appearance as the “foreigners with kazoos” marching band.

Greetings from “Post apocalyptic Ecuador.”

The parade’s overall winning entry, from the University of Azuay, presented a look at “post apocalyptic Ecuador,” drawing on themes from the Mad Max movies.

Other entries made fun of ticket-writing traffic cops, celebrated Cuenca’s famous pork sandwiches, and spoofed the Chola Cuencana tradition.

Several entries danced down Huayna Capac, some skillfully, others not so much. Members of the Conga Dance Troupe dazzled the audience with their synchronized mamba dance moves.

Here are some scenes from the parade, courtesy of El Mercurio and El Tiempo.

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