Dogs rescued from private animal shelter, Volcano, Killa Raymi is next Saturday, Zaruma emergency

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Viernes, 15/9/2017

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming agenda event –

Arte Calle – El Festival “Arte Calle 2017” finishes Saturday with the Venezuelan group “Son Antuna” which will do a musical presentation a las 15:00 in La Merced. A las 10:00, the Zumbambico Teatro de Ecuador Group will present “Cantuña sus diablitos” in the plaza del Herrero.

Articles about –

MMAM (Municipal Museo de Arte Moderno) <This is one I told you to remember. Not my problem if you forgot what it stands for.> – The reserve collection at the museum <just gave you a big hint> has 759 pieces, 80% of which need restoration. The museum has installed a Laboratory Workshop for Research and Conservation, and has a restorer.

Recital – There was a recital and disc launch by the Grupo Musical “Fantasía” Friday. <Who cares where – it’s over.>

OSC – It performed Friday in the teatro Pumapungo commemorating its 45 year as an entity and the 40th year after the death of Luis Humberto Salgado, one of Ecuador’ most famous composers. <Sounds like a game show question – name an Ecuadorian composer.>

Taller – There will be a workshop for museum guides from 27-29/9. Register at

Otras cosas –

Titular – Zaruma, en emergencia (Zaruma, in emergency) – Pres. Moreno declared a 60 day state of emergency yesterday in the Zaruma Cantón, El Oro where mining is undermining the soil under the town, which has been declared a national cultural heritage site. This would suspend working of legal mines that have access to the exclusion zone. Extracting metal from an exclusion zone is illegal.

Reventador – The volcano has emitted a column of ash 700 m. above the rim of the crater and is making high and continuing eruptions.

Animal shelter closed – The Mejor Amigo shelter closed leaving 109 dogs who will be taken care of by the Los Amigos de Manolo Foundation. They urgently need donations of dog food. Angélica García and Daniela Arce of Los Amigos de Manolo, are also hoping for donations of construction materials and tents to improve their site. Another way to help is to be a godfather or sponsor for a dog. Monetary donations can be made by depositing to the Santa Barbara Veterinary Clinic’s account for funding veterinary care.

Councilwoman Gabriela Brito said a municipal shelter is an urgent need and there is a site in Llacao. Animal organizations have until 25/9 to comment. If there are no comments, that will be the site for the shelter. Currently there are about 600-700 dogs in 4 foundations – ARCA, Los Amigos de Manolo, FAN and Peluditos Cuenca that could move to the municipal shelter.

Feria in Guachapala – There will be fair este domingo a las 10:00 in the Plazoleta Cívica Daniel Palacios in the center of Guachapala. People will be bringing fruit and vegetables from family farms in the country. The fair will continue every domingo from 6-3:00. Customers will be buying directly from the farmers.

Pagina intercultural – The article is about the Los Saraguros.

Killa Raymi 2017 – This celebration in honor of the moon, earth and fertility will be el sábado, 23/9 in the archeological complex Baños Cañari’ Inca in Cuyoctor in the El Tambo cantón. The city is hoping for 15,000 tourists. Activities start at 8:00 with a parade to the archeological complex and ends at 20:00 with an Andean music festival.

Amenidades –

Movies – as usual, go to for show times and locations. All the movies this week are 2D. The following movies open this week.

IT – ESO – Esp.
IT – ESO – Sub.
The rest of the movies are in Esp.

La familia monster

The following movies are continuing.

Viaje de Chicas
Locos por las nueces
Terror Profundo
Planeta de los simios guerra
Emoji la película
La torre oscura

Internacional –

Brazil – The Brazilian Attorney General charged Pres. Temer of obstruction of justice and unlawful association. The charges can only be accepted after an analysis by the Supreme Court and the endorsement by the Chamber of Deputies.

Discuentos y compras –

RM – 2 or 1 sale on selected merchandize for a limited time.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Domingo –



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