Drunken pedestrians involved in two accidents

Nov 12, 2018

Don’t attempt to cross the street if you are in an advanced state of inebriation. That’s the message from officers of Cuenca’s Citizen Guard following two weekend accidents in which drunken pedestrians were hit by moving vehicles.

An injured pedestrian is treated near the Puertas del Sol underpass at Av. Las Americas. (El Mercurio)

On Sunday, two drunks were hit by a pickup truck as they crossed Calle Ricardo Darquea near the Av. Las Americas overpass in the Puertas del Sol sector. The driver of the truck said the men lurched onto the roadway unexpectedly and he was unable to avoid hitting them. According to the guard, the victims were too drunk to provide a version of the accident.

Neighbors at the scene complained to guard officers that the neighborhood near the Feria Libre market is plagued by drunks. “They buy cheap, illegal liquor at the market and drink it in the parks near the river and road,” one man who lives nearby said. “Sometimes, we find them dead on the grass. Other times, like now, they are hit by cars. Until the police stop the liquor sales this will continue.”

The men were treated by paramedics from the Social Security (IESS) institute and taken to a nearby hospital.

In another accident involving a drunk pedestrian, a man was struck by a van at the intersection of Av. Héroes de Verdeloma and Calle Barrial Blanco, near the Plaza del Rollo. Witnesses say he was chasing another man when he was hit. He was treated at the scene and taken into police custody.

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