Duty free limit on household goods increased for Ecuadorians returning from abroad

May 17, 2018

Ecuador’s Foreign Ministry has expanded the list and value of household goods that Ecuadorians can bring into the country when they return from living abroad. The new rules also apply to foreigners who are naturalized citizens and those married to Ecuadorians.

The age and value of cars allowed into the country duty free has been extended.

The rules apply to those who have lived out of the country for two to three years but the ministry says it is considering extending the benefit to those who have been gone longer.

In addition to a raised allowance on household goods, is a change in the rules allowing the entry of motor vehicles, including motorcycles. Under the new rules, returning Ecuadorians can ship vehicles up to five years old with an assessed value of up to $23,000 without paying a tax. Motorcycles with a value of $8,100 will also be allowed entry duty free. Vehicles assessed at a higher value will be taxed on the difference between the allowance and additional value.

In addition to the higher allowance on cars and motorcycles, the ministry has doubled the allowance for work-related equipment brought into the country, from $31,000 to $62,000.

Under the new rules, the exemption applies to goods brought into the country within 24 months of the return of the migrants.

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