Ecuador could make history in tomorrow’s football game against Bolivia

Oct 12, 2015 | 0 comments

If Ecuador defeats the Bolivian team tomorrow in Quito’s Atahualpa stadium, it will mark the best start ever for the national football team in the World Cup qualifier round. Ecuador will be highly favored in the game.

Ecuador’s coach Gustavo Quinteros will be motorized for Tuesday's game with Bolivia.

Ecuador’s coach Gustavo Quinteros will be motorized for Tuesday’s game with Bolivia.

Ecuador stunned Argentina Thusday night, 2-0, in Buenos Aires, the first time it had beaten the Argentines on their home turf.

National coach Gustavo Quinteros says the focus has been on Bolivia since last Friday. “That was a great victory but we do not have time to dwell on it. If we don’t put our attention on Bolivia, they can beat us,” he said.

He added: “As well as we played in Buenos Aires, we need to improve and play even better in Quito. We need to aim for perfection.”

Quinteros said Ecuador would play an aggressive offensive game against the Bolivians. “We can’t let up and we will press the action. That is our approach and it will not change.”

As he did in Argentina, Quinteros will coach from a motorized cart as he recovers from a leg injury.



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