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Ecuador invites U.S. Agency for International Development to return to the country

Ecuador has agreed to the return of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), which has been kicked out of the country four years ago under leftist former President Rafael Correa.

Ecuador Foreign Minister Jose Valencia

Foreign Minister José Valencia and USAID Ambassador Mark Green signed the memorandum of agreement on Wednesday setting terms of the deal. The U.S. agency initially is offering Ecuador $30 million to help it cope with migrants fleeing Venezuela’s political and economic crisis.

Valencia said the “special connection” with the U.S. is an expression of President Lenin Moreno’s policies.

Moreno has aligned the South American nation more closely with the U.S. since taking office in 2017. He’s been feuding with Correa, who had prickly relations with the U.S. and expelled USAID in 2014.

14 thoughts on “Ecuador invites U.S. Agency for International Development to return to the country

  1. Given the sordid history & reputation of USAID, this ”partnership” will not bode well for Ecuador.

  2. As long as Trump stays out of it this will be a plus for Ecuador. Be thankful that Ecuadorians do not want to have anything to do with the Chavismo Correa who ruined the Economy!

  3. So let’s see… a couple of months ago EC gets $10.2 billion from int’l banks. Then, “unexpectedly,” Assange is kidnapped by the Brits. Now USAID shows up and drops a $30 million Thank You “tip” into the pockets of Morena and his gang.
    I see no coincidences here.

    1. So in your interpretation Ecuador getting the funding it absolutely needs for 3% interest instead of 10% is a bad thing? That saves Ecuador about $700 Million per year And then Assange is finally cut loose after his self-imposed exile where he arrogantly and continually spit in the eye and otherwise abused his hosts. Remember, Ecuador did NOT lock him up…he locked himself up. And he refused to even try to abide by very simple and agreed upon rules. He once was a kind of hero, but became a buffoon and intentional political actor instead of a journalist. And to top it off, you think it is just horrible that Ecuador now has $30 Million to try to provide some assistance to our desperate neighbors fleeing for their lives? it’s fine to be a skeptic, and I am very skeptical of “help” from the USA, but there is a point at which conspiracy theories take over ones mind, and I think some are already in need of a second layer of tin foil. If used properly, and I see no evidence to the contrary, that $30 Million can provide an enormous amount of relief to desperate people. Give peaceand love and compassion a chance.If you find evidence that the money does not go to help them, THEN make your accusations.

      1. Assange was never a register journalist, nor he attended any academy. He was a misbehaving child who received stolen property. (But I’m glad he published) In relation to the $$ from international banks, at 3% instead of 10% of course is good for EC. a well as the economic regulations that comes with those loans. but the country has a large population of what I call “happy Slaves” who love the leftists masters that has destroy the economy and rob the people blind from Bazil to the Patagonia. All of which has gone from dirt poor to millionaires in 10 years. Those happy slaves also love the idea of the government given them “free” stuff, that of course is never free. I laughs when I hear some people say, “well they stole some money but we have roads” ☺

        1. Registered journalist? Where exactly do journalists need to register? There’s no such thing in Australia, the US or the EU. Furthermore, you do not have to have a journalism degree to be a journalist in any of those countries.

          Don’t you find it curious that despite the fact that they had him under 24-hour surveillance for over 2 years (including during doctor’s visits, meetings with his attorneys and even when he went to the bathroom), the only evidence they’ve produced of him “misbehaving” is a 20-second video of him riding a skateboard? What’s more likely, that they have the evidence but don’t feel it’s necessary to show anyone or that they made the whole thing up so that decent people like you will look the other way when they have a journalist arrested and extradited for reporting on war crimes?

          1. Usaids, shesaids, hesaids…acquired immune deficiency syndromes fatalize the world…& are the “underside” of the much

            vaunted “herd immunity.”

            What the herd is really after is impunity. On ‘the other guy’s’ dime. And the drovers promise this, serially. “Maybe this drover will deliver us outta’ Egypt (reality),” is the collective cud.

            The molars grind, are ground, disappear. Cuz reality evasion’s got bigger, carnivorous, teeth.

            And ‘prophylactics’ – like so-called progressivism, to pick one alias – are just spiraling slaughter chutes (a la Temple Grandin’s contribution in the more overtly bovine realm) of self-fulfilling prophecy in the “various” humanimal CAFO “systems.”

            Best case bending over backwards: naiveté & gullibility.

            But even those disclaimers tarnish “decent people.”

            “Tell me” what to thinkdo is not decent.

            Usaid, hesaid, shesaid “do it” is no defense…except that for Pogo it is the only defense *inside* these wacky tragicomic “systems” that the pouched ones make false idols out of. (False to the extent that such idolatry rationalizes & justifies & ennobles trespass.)

            “Going back in various mythologies is the idea that supernatural beings — such as vampires, ghosts, demons, witches, what have you — cannot enter into a home unless invited to do so. Often such beings will try to gain entrance by tricking a person into believing they are someone else.”


            The old SNL landshark bit. “Pizza delivery…” When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie – that’s codependence (but call it amore – it sounds better).

            First fool is on the fooler. All subsequent fools are on the fooled. Given the consistency across time, Foolujah is humanimal’s

            biological niche. And its easy to understand why the herd’s sociopathic love interests have no respect for them: they don’t respect themselves.


              1. Those are on the unhealthy u•shesaids line, too…tho not according to the current (that gravity suck•reates down to the sumps) brochure words.

                In the year 3535

                Ain’t gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lies

                Everything you think, do and say

                Is in the pill you took today

                Faces, names, dates change – are changed. The words move – are moved – to prove movement. Clouds of social promotion – carny barker — illusion.

                El Dorado, fountain of youth (&or 4-digit IQ), better living thru chemical shortcuts…but a fun flick anyway…

      2. 3%? In what parallel universe? And what exactly does Moreno need all this money for? It’s not like he’s built anything since taking office. Correa borrowed $7.5 billion in 10 years in office and to show for it we have schools, roads, hydroelectric plants, hospitals, clinics and thousands of young people who studies all the way through grad school at no cost to them or their families. In barely two years in office Moreno has borrowed $8.5 billion and hasn’t built a thing, slashed the education and healthcare budgets, laid off thousands of public sector workers, gotten rid of the fuel subsidy, stopped paying stipends to overseas graduate students. It would be one thing if he had taken all that money to pay off higher interest debt, but he didn’t even do that. He’s still just paying the interest on the other loans while he pardoned nearly $5 billion in unpaid taxes by the 100 richest companies and individuals in the country. The debt is now over 40% of GDP which means by law, he’s no longer allowed to borrow any more money, but he and the press are ignoring that. When Correa left office with one of the lowest debts in the western world, they said daily that he had left us with crippling debt.

        Another example of how media hype trumps data.

        If you think we should “give love and compassion a chance”, you know nothing about what USAid does. Their only function is to fund NGOs and individuals that are favorable to US policy. That $30 million won’t get to a single poor person in the country. It will go to pay the salaries of politicians who got voted out of office, journalists who cannot get published anywhere except their own blog, hack academics who cannot get published in peer-reviewed journals, anyone who the State Department feels is useful to further their goals. Juan Guaido has been on their payroll from grants and salaried positions since he was in his mid-20s. They fund the work of people like Fernando Villavicencio, the closest thing Ecuador has to Alex Jones. They maintain NGOs like Fundamedios that went around for 10 years claiming Correa censored the press, but the worst example to back that claim was that he publicly criticized a journalist. There is no evidence that their funds have ever helped anyone. There is, however, decades of consistent evidence that they work to undermine democracy and, when that fails, fund coup plotters.

        1. I disagree with your rational and your story is not accurate. I feel that your anti Moreno and anti US rhetoric is trying to undermine democracy and convince others that the Corestas and the left is the best direction

          1. Your criticism is not accurate, Esmeralda.

            See how easy that was?

            I didn’t disprove a single remark you made…I just said that I disagree with you and your statements are false.

            Instead of constantly tarring others as “anti US” or “anti democracy” or anti Mom, Apple Pie and Chevrolet, how about citing some facts to back up your accusations for a change?

            Your shtick is really getting old.

          2. Jason Faulkner has repeatedly challenged you to cite specific instances in which President Correa muzzled opposition media. Since you have as yet failed to provide an answer to his challenge, I thought I would give you a helping hand. Here’s an article that lists several instances of squelching freedom of speech here in Ecuador: [ ].

            The sub-headline reads, “The US-backed, neoliberal Ecuadorian leader is persecuting Swedish software developer Ola Bini for his political sympathies, censoring critical media, and jailing progressive leadership in a sweeping crackdown.”

            Excerpt from the article:

            So far, outlets including Ecuadorenmediato, the Ruta Kritica online journal, Radio Pichincha Universal, and the Hechos Ecuador website have been either censored, experienced a large number of online attacks, had their broadcasting signal cut or have been forced off-air by the Ministry of Communications or the Moreno government supporters.

            Furthermore, many journalists and communication experts who have actively opposed the government of Lenin Moreno like Fernando Alvarado, Marco Antonio Bravo, Carlos Bravo, Patricio Pacheco, Carlos Ochoa and Richard Macias have also suffered persecution and harassment at the hands of pro-Moreno forces.

            Oops. My mistake. It looks like the article is citing specific instances in which Moreno, not Correa, has quashed freedom of speech.

            Oh well. At least I tried.

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