Ecuador Jazz Festival features international talent

Aug 8, 2018

The 2018 Ecuador Jazz Festival kicks off tonight and mixes some of the top names in international jazz with local talent. Among those performing are Shai Golan, Charmaine Michelle, Alki Steriopoulas, Joan Sanchez.

Chai Golan

According to event coordinator Luis Ullauri, the festival will showcase a wide variety of “sound possibilities,” ranging from traditional to modern jazz and his specialty, Latin Amercan trova folk music. “In the festival, we are offering our guests the chance to enjoy non-commercial musical genres in an intimate setting,” he says. “This will be a very different experience than what is typically available in Cuenca.”

In addition to guest performers Golan, Steriopoulas, Michelle and Sanchez, the festival features Cuenca musicians Jim Gala, Su Terry and Walt Szymanski.

Wednesday’s show includes Walt Szymanski on trumpet, Su Terry on sax, Alki Steriopoulas and Jim Gala on keyboard, Christian Torres on bass and Pedro Ortiz on drums.

On Thursday: Shai Golan, from New York, on sax, Szymanski on trumpet, Manuel Quesada on flute, Gala on keyboard, Torres on bass, Charmaine Michelle on trumpet and Ortiz on percussion.

On Friday: Golan on sax, zymanski on trumpet, Joan Sánchez on piano, Michelle on trumpet, Quesada on flute, Gala on piano, Torres on bass and Reinaldo Arce on drums.

On Saturday: Golan on sax, Szymanski on trumpet, Gala on piano, Michelle on trumpet, Quesada on flute, Torres on bass and Maple on drums.

The festival is hosted by the Jazz Society of Ecuador in their upstairs location at the La Viña Restaurant, corner of Calles Luis Cordero and Juan Jaramillo. Performances begin at 7 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday. Daily entry is $10.

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