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Ecuador suffers rash of cyber attacks following the expulsion of Julian Assange from embassy

Ecuadorian officials say the country has suffered some 40 million cyber attacks since it allowed UK police to forcibly remove Wikileaks founder Julian Assange from their embassy in London, according to Agence France-Presse.

Patricio Real, Ecuador’s deputy minister for information and communication technologies, said the attacks, which began on Thursday, had “principally come from the United States, Brazil, Holland, Germany, Romania, France, Austria and the United Kingdom,” as well as from Ecuador itself.

Javier Jara, undersecretary of the electronic government department of the telecommunications ministry, said the country had suffered “volumetric attacks” that blocked access to the internet following “threats from those groups linked to Julian Assange.”

Volumetric attacks are a type of distributed denial of service attack, in which attackers flood servers with requests in an attempt to overload them and prevent access by legitimate users; the 40 million number should be understood not as the number of independently coordinated attacks, but the cumulative number of automated attempts to disrupt targeted systems. Sites for the foreign ministry, central bank, President Lenin Moreno’s office, tax authorities, and myriad other government websites were targeted, AFP wrote.

No institutions reported successful attempts to steal or destroy data, the news agency added.

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