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Ecuador Visas & Containers: Moving to Ecuador in Simple English!

See our Law Office and staff at work, as well as several Expat clients of Attorney Sara Chaca providing their detailed testimonials via video, and learn about the myriad of services and ways that we can and will assist you for any manner of Visas, Legal Matters, Real Estate and even Containers at that!

Naturally, one or more of the specific Residency Visa qualifications mentioned by Attorney Sara Chaca in this video can and/or did change since it was first published, and so always check/confirm with her via email at so as to ask or verify with her as per the current (or changed) requirements since its first publication (i.e. such as the increase in the previously required $25,000 investment for the Investor Visa to that of the now currently approximate $40,000 investment requirement for the Investor Visa).