Elderly man, dozens of pigeons, found dead in Calle Larga apt.; Tram on schedule; Bus fare remains cashless; Ecuador’s risk rating improves

May 19, 2018

Elderly man dies along with dozens of pigeons

The body of an 81-year-old man was discovered Friday in his Calle Larga apartment, near the Todo Santos church. He was found tucked into his bed and was believed to have been dead for several days. According to police, several dozen dead pigeons were found in the hallway leading to his apartment. The man, Cornelio Chalco, was known for feeding the neighborhood pigeons, neighbors say. “He was the best friend the pigeons had and they were his best friends too,” said a lady who lived nearby. She said Chalco owned other properties in the historic district from which he also fed pigeons.

Tram construction is on schedule

Cuenca tram during testing.

According to the project manager, construction of Cuenca’s tram system remains on schedule to be completed in October. Halfway through its 300-day contract schedule, French consortium ACTN says it has met all its objectives for the first 150 days and sees no obstacles that that will cause it to miss the completion date. ACTN says it will run live tests next week on Av. Las Americans in the Control Sur district.

Cuenca bus fare remains cashless

Despite a court ruling that city buses must accept coin fare payment in addition to electronic card swipes, the city says the system will remain cashless for the foreseeable future. The judge who made the ruling revised it on Friday, saying that it applies only to those with physical and mental handicaps. The city plans to appeal, pointing out that the judge was not aware that the new fare system had been approved by the National Transportation Agency as well as the municipal council.

Ecuador risk rating improves

Following the appointment of new finance minister Richard Martinez Ecuador’s country risk rating has improved dramatically, the government says. The risk rating, maintained by the rating agency JP Morgan, determines the amount of interest a country pays on foreign bonds and other debt. Morgan said the improvement was based on Martinez’s promise to reduce the national debt and restore fiscal responsibility.Ecuador’s rating improved by 86 points on the 1,000-point risk scale.

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