Environmental mining study, Andean cross, State of Emergency in Zaruma, Pase de Niño planning

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Miércoles 13/9/2017

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s (Wednesday) agenda event –

Study in Germany – The Centro Alemán (Simón Bolívar 9-30 y Benigno Malo) hosted a talk Wed. about scholarships, studying in Germany, and the paperwork necessary to do so.

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Religious conference – Thurs. a las 19:00 in the auditorio of the Museo de las Conceptas.

Teatro – “Ladrón de Sueños” (Thief of Dreams) will be performed el sábado a las 17:00 in the Taita Cafetería (Calle Larga entre Tomás Ordóñez y Manuel Vega).

Articles about –

Exposición – An exhibit by Mónica Albisu opened Wed. in the Salón del Pueblo of the CCE.

Libro – “Regards croisés/ Miradas cruzadas” (Crossing Glances) is a book of French poetry paired with Ecuadorian art including Cuencano Jorge Chalco. The book is already in circulation in París. <So when do we get our copies?>

Filme – “Clowns de película” (Movie clowns) was either Wed. or will be Thurs. a las 18:00 in the auditorium of the U. del Azuay. <What day or days it is depends on which paragraph you’re reading.>

Arte Calle – “El león, el ratón y otros cuentos” was performed Wed. in the Bell Academy (Calle del Faique y La Pencas) by the “EscenAbierta Laboratorio” Company from Cuba.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Estudio ambiental en zonas mineras (Environmental study in mining areas) – One year after a contract between ETAPA, the Universities of Cuenca and Azuay, and the Ministry of Mining was signed, the specialists will finally be allowed access to the Río Blanco (being exploited) and Loma Larga (advanced exploration phase) Mines. The study will be of surface and subterranean water, and the environmental and social impacts, and preliminary results are expected in the first quarter of 2018. These will be published in scientific bulletins. There will also be geological studies. The U. of Cuenca has agreements with foreign universities which can help with these studies. <Will we all be drinking arsenic if or when the mines go into full production?>

State of Emergency – The Legislature approved a resolution asking Pres. Moreno to declare a state of emergency in Zaruma, El Oro to take necessary measures to close down illegal mining which is destroying the patrimonial city. Last year a school collapsed <Into a sinkhole – I remember the pictures> and cannot be rebuilt at that site. The residents live in fear during rains. The resolution also asked for funding to repair subsoil conditions, rebuild affected houses and build a new school at a different location. It also proposed an evaluation of current mining operations, reverse <the effects of?> inoperative mines, define a zone for artesanal mining and give land titles so the mining can be regulated.

Odebrecht – Businessman Juan P.E.V. (sic) was ordered into preventive prison yesterday. For more info, see Tuesday’s CHL article. <FYI, El Mercurio does not publish full names of people who have been accused of crimes, although a prominent person could probably/easily be identified with other information in the article.>

Pase de Niño Viajero – The parade is led by a Special Pastoral Commission of the Archdiocese and it is planning for this year’s parade. There will be a blessing of bread and chicha on 25/10. The “Traveling Child” got its name after the image of the baby Jesus accompanied monseñor Miguel Cordero Crespo, the Vicar General the Archdiocese, on a voyage to Israel. The procession with the image became the “El Pase del Niño Viajero” religious tradition. Parade participants need to stay with bibical and religious themes <Leave the satire to the Comparsas.> and limit the size of the floats to max. 10 m. long by 3 m. wide. <You need to stay in your own lane even if you’re already hugging the curb.>

Pagina intercultural – The articles are about the symbology of La Chacana or Cruz Andina (Andean Cross). The cross has significance on multiple levels and la chakana means “puente a lo alto” (bridge to on high), is the designation for the Southern Cross constellation, and has astronomic linkages with the annual seasons. The Southern Cross can be seen over Turi in February. There is also an interpretation of each part of the cross such as the association of the cardinal directions with animals, and the placements of God at the top of the cross, the sun and moon one step down, etc. <Go to elmercurio.com.ec if you’re interested.>

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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