Eruption continues at Reventador volcano, Fireworks end tonight, Priest’s name removed from Catholic U.

Jun 7, 2018

Priest’s name removed from Catholic University

A plaque bearing the name of César Cordero will be removed from Catholic University of Cuenca. The decision was made by the university’s Foundation for Educational Development and is supported by the Ecuador Ministry of Education. Cordero, the founder of the university, has been accused by five former students of raping them when they were children and prosecutors say there may be dozens of other victims. The university says it is conducting a review of all institutional records and monuments with the intention of removing Cordero’s name wherever it exists.

Corpus Christi celebration ends but sales of sweets continue

Another castle goes up in sparks.

Corpus Christi fireworks shows conclude tonight but the sales of cakes, cookies and candy will continue through Sunday in Parque Calderon, event organizers announced on Wednesday. On Wednesday night, several hundred of the faithful took part in the Catholic procession that officially closed the  Corpus Christi celebration.

National Assembly begins revision of communication law

Ecuador’s National Assembly has begun work to revise the country’s controversial communication law. President Lenin Moreno has proposed seven major changes, including the elimination of the media watchdog agency, Supercom. In addition, assembly members have proposed dozens of other changes which the assembly’s Legislative Administration Council is analyzing.

Lava flows continue at Reventador volcano

Ecuador’s Geophysical Institute reported Wednesday that lava flows continue at the Reventador volcano, 90 kilometers east of Quito. The institute says that eruptive activity continues at a high level and that “moderate” lava flows are visible to reconnaissance aircraft on the northeast flank of the volcano. It said gas and ash emissions continue but do not threaten populated areas. In 2002, a major eruption of Reventador dropped as much as three inches of ash on Quito and the institute says a similar eruption is possible but not imminent.

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