EU ambassador on trade agreement, Houses for $14k, Barrio gets security alarms, Talk of possible Tame departure, Salvador Dalí exhibit

Jun 26, 2019

Martes, 25/6/2019

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Salvador Dalí is coming to town – An exhibit of Dalí’s works will open in Cuenca on 11/7. The works will be “Las cenas de Gala,” a photomontage and caligraphy inspired by a gala dinner at Maxim’s in Paris. The second is “Los sueños caprichosos de Pantagruel,” a series of 25 colored lithographs on Japanese papers. <Wonder where they’re going to put it. Which museum has really good security?>

Teatro – “El Último Mambo” by Jenny Portilla and directed by Carlos Gallegos will be el viernes in Break (Juan Jaramillo 4-81 y Mariano Cueva). The story is about an old mambo dancer reminiscing about the sweetness in her life. Cost: $5 & $7.

Salvador Dali

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Concierto – The Cultural Department of the Colegio de Abogados del Azuay <Does the American Bar Association have a cultural department?> will play a concert on 4/7 a las 20:00 in the teatro Casa de la Cultura. Free.

Concierto – Singer Mariela Condo will perform national and international music el 28/6 in the auditorium of the Centro Ecuatoriano Norteamericano Abraham Lincoln. Cost: $15. & $17.00.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Eliminados (Eliminated) – The Tricolor is out of the running for the Copa América. <If you want to know any more, you’re on your own. Remember I don’t do sports so you were lucky to get that one sentence.>

Instant house – A team of students and professors in the Dep’t of Architecture at the U. of Cuenca built a house from PVC panels in 4 days. The 50 sq. meter house cost about $14,000. It will stay at the university for improvements and will be donated to a family of limited means. A faculty member said that the plastic has twice the life of current construction materials and after some decades, the house can be dismantled and the plastic recycled. <That house could be reincarnated for the next 1000-10,000 years.>

Crime report – A pickup was stolen from a house at calle Roma and González Suárez and caught on a security camera. Two thieves opened the gate with a remote control, started the truck and left.

Two thieves entered a unit in the condominio San Andrés in the Río Amarillo sector 2:54 am. The owners were home and activated an alarm. The intruders fled but were caught on security cameras. They apparently were trying to steal a car.

Security alarms – 71 families in Los Cipreses now have a modern community emergency alarm system. <One that doesn’t involve barking.> Each house has a wireless “help” button which activates a siren in the center of the sector. The Consejo de Seguridad Ciudadana de Cuenca receives the signal and responds immediately to the emergency. These alarms have been installed in 140 barrios with more than 8,000 families benefiting. <I bet my dog would learn how to push the help button to get the police to come and let her out.>

EU Ambassador to Ecuador – Marianne Van Steen was interviewed and said the two year old trade agreement was unexpectedly successful. There was a growth of 20% the first year and 3% the second. Amb. Steen attributed the much smaller growth in the 2nd year to consolidation of year 1. The countries that saw the most growth – Spain, Italy, Germany and the Low Countries (Holland) – were also the countries that took the most advantage of the agreement. <Would love to see a country full of Dutch all wearing a panama hats.>

She talked about sanitary licenses for Ecuadorian products and said there is a demand for organic products. She thought Ecuador should seek investments to get its products certified, but the tests are extremely expensive. As for visas for Ecuadorians to go to the EU, she said that could be finalized in 2020 depending on various negotiations.

Biggest wooden spoon in the world – A place in the Guinness World Records for the world’s biggest wooden spoon was awarded to El Instituto Superior Tecnológico “American College” y Restaurante Corvel. Each business contributed 50% of the cost. The spoon is displayed in the center of Paute. <If Paute has the same graffiti problem as Cuenca, they better have a good sander ready. Maybe someone can fill the bowl with the biggest meatball in the world.>

Business Page – The business community responded to the announcement by a committee that TAME is on the liquidation list. Representatives from various of Chambers of Commerce and the Ecuadorian Hoteliers Association tended to agree that it was about time TAME ceased operations so that more competent airlines could take over and add to the routes.

Loja – The city of Loja is seeking a UNESCO designation as a “Creative City of Music.”

Movie – “Anabelle 3” opens tomorrow in Ecuador. It’s about some evil doll. <But I’m probably the only gringo in Cuenca who didn’t know that.>

And that’s all for today so Hasta ? –


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