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Azuay Community Theater presents the comedy “Sylvia”

March 29, 2019 all-day

A.R.Gurney’s “Sylvia”, a smart, playful, sophisticated and occasionally gritty comedy about relationships, nature and growing older.
Show dates are March 29, 30, 31 and April 6, 7. Watch for ticket sales information on A.C.T. Facebook and Gringo Post.
CAST: Rachel DeSalvo, Veronica Dunn, Tim appling, Glenn Gano, Alison Blake, Sandi KingTony Harding (director).
Sylvia tells the entertaining story of an exuberant, lovable dog who changes the lives of a middle aged couple. Greg and Kate have entered the empty-nest time in life and have moved to Manhattan after 20 years in the suburbs. Greg is struggling with being dissatisfied with his job while Kate is excited about her new teaching opportunities and new found freedom. Sylvia enters into the middle of their relationship, challenging their marriage and their habitual points of view.
The genius of the play is that Sylvia concentrates just as much on what our actions and feelings as humans means to dogs as they do to us. It’s revelation.
You’ll laugh your tail off!

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