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Can you do the kazoo?

September 20, 2018 all-day

The Expats with Kazoos band is up to 85 members and we’re getting together for a real practice session on September 20 at Charlie’s. Come on over about 6:30 for a burger and some fun. Don’t have a kazoo? No problem because we still have time before the parade in January. Not sure if you want to do this? Come join us anyway. If you have time to learn some routines you can be part of the marching contingent. If you just want to show up for the parade you can be in “the mob” marching along to support us. This will the FIRST TIME that an expat group has been in any of the parades in Cuenca and the organizers have pronounced our effort as CHEVERE! So, join us on Thursday the 20th for some fun. This is open to all expats so we’re looking for folks from anywhere other than Ecuador who want to show our new home town how much we appreciate them. See you then!

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After a successful career in manufacturing, Brian Buckner sold his commercial window fabrication plant and now makes his home with his wife, Edie, in Cuenca. He is a photojournalist and writer currently producing photo essays and stories of life in Ecuador. He and his wife enjoy hiking, photography, writing and giving their time to those in need. Brian may be reached by email at