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Conscious Living Intensive Class and Workshop

March 16, 2019 all-day

The OASIS Center for Conscious Living presents the first Conscious Living Intensive. This combines the former form of five classes into a one day event. Now that we have our rural Center we invite those interested to learn about the evolution of consciousness and the personal path of transformation. This is the foundation of Conscious Living. Next we explore the principles and practices of Conscious Living, which includes the process of Conscious Dying, letting go of the old forms that we might birth a new earth, both individually and collectively. Lastly we discuss the process of building Conscious Living Community here in Cuenca.
Our event begins at 10am, breaks for lunch around noon, and finishes the afternoon session about 3pm. We offer the class/workshop, a private shuttle from Cuenca to our Center in Jadan (30 minutes by car), and lunch for $25. You can provide your own transportation, then share the event and lunch for $20. Or you can provide your own transportation and lunch and pay $15 for the class/workshop.
For more details and to register (required by mid-day on Friday) please write to our email address. Thank you!
Our intensive will be offered twice monthly, so if this date is not possible but you are interested in the future please write to us and let us know.

  • Name: Louis Bourgeois
  • Phone: 0995241088
  • Email:
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