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GRAN ROCA Farm-to-Table Market – Wed, Jan 24th, 2-3:30pm

January 24, 2018 all-day

The GRAN ROCA Wednesday Farm-to-Table Market will be on January 24th, from 2-3:30 at Filippo on Benigno Malo across from Parque Calderon. Enter through the big archway between Raymipampa and Tutto Freddo.

We offer the very best sustainably grown pork, chicken, eggs, fruits and a large selection of vegetables including unique varieties not available anywhere else. Our produce is harvested in the morning for pickup in the afternoon.

Email us your Chicken order ($2.50/lb) and pick it up at the Market. No reservation needed for Pork $5/lb, Eggs $1.25/6, and Produce $0.50-$1.00

This Week’s Farm-to-Table Market Produce:

Fruits: Our Special Bananas, Strawberries, Real Lemons
Tomatoes: Heirloom Tomatoes (limited), Bitter-Free Eggplant, Green and Red Peppers, Hot Peppers
Brassicas: Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Curly and Dinosaur Kale
Roots: Red and Yellow Beets, Carrots, Potatoes
Beans: Green Beans, Fresh Beans
Greens: Lettuce (heirloom romaine), Rainbow Chard, Real Spinach
Fresh Herbs: including Real Peppermint, Cilantro, Scallions, Celery, Garlic Chives, Basil, Horseradish

Please email us if you are looking for a quantity of an item or if you would like something not listed above.

See you there!

  • Name: Rob Gray
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