October 15, 2019 all-day

In Ecuador, many families live with the sad reality of having a family member with a disability. Autism (and other disabilities) is a terrible problem when there is little to no support from the government.

There are great programs, providing support, for people with disabilities, in the United States. One, in particular, is called ¨Lambs Farm”. We are looking to use this as a model for a countrywide project in Ecuador. This will entail acquiring land, creating a therapeutic farm, building an educational center and clinic. This will provide support for children with disabilities and their families. It will provide information to the government. This is all part of an attempt to heighten the awareness about the urgent need for support.

On February 15, in the beautiful Hotel Inca Real, we are having a Valentine’s Day Weekend Gala. It will be a formal event – Gourmet food and some of the best music in Ecuador. Charity with rhythm!

We have created this event with the solidarity of many other charities in Cuenca. These charities will also benefit from the ticket sales. Tickets are $75 and are selling nicely. You can purchase your tickets from us or from your favorite charity. We are inviting guests from all over the country and from other countries.

This will, also, boost tourism in Cuenca. Cuenca is the perfect place to be with your sweetheart.

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