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Lions Club Lunch Meeting

September 17, 2018 all-day

Lions Meeting, Monday September 17th

WOW! Our last meeting on September 3rd (U.S. Labor Day) was great! (And this is from a guy that pretty much hates meetings.) Some folks were unable to attend because of the holiday. Nonetheless, we had 17 attendees.

Some of what impressed me was:

DIVERSITY—We had about equal numbers of women and men. We had tall people and short people. We had various ethnicities. We had outgoing people and shy people. We had ages from middle-aged and upwards. We’re still looking to add Latinos and English speaking people from places other than the U.S.A.

COMMONALITY—Diversity brings many insights, but there needs to be a unifying purpose. For the attendees, it is to reach beyond their own needs to help Ecuadorians.

FUN—As I said, I hate meetings. But this was fun (still a meeting though!) We literally had a few heartfelt tears, lots of laughter, interesting stories, insights into where we hope to go, and the fellowship of people who care about each other and want to do something to give back to Ecuadorians.

What’s Keeping YOU Away?

We need a total of 20 members to get a charter. (Want to go down in Ecuador and Lions history as a “founder” of the first English speaking Lions club?–here’s your chance!)

Our dues are very modest, pretty much just enough to cover Ecuadorian and International Lions administration costs. There is no “high pressure” to give additional time or money.

Don’t want to help Ecuadorians? (That’s a good reason to avoid us.)

Too busy with other charity work? That’s another good reason to not join. (But, bless you!)

Too many other social activities? (What are your time priorities? Does your time usage meet you desired uses?)

Shy? (Nobody will make you talk to anybody! Well, a “hello” would be good.)

Other? (Please let me know.)

Location: El Rey Del Burrito Cuenca located at Alfonso Cordero 2-93 y Manuel J Calle across the street from SuperMaxi El Vergel

Meeting 1:30 pm-2:30 pm. Come at 12:30 and enjoy the great Tex-Mex food if you can!

  • Name: Monte Montana
  • Phone: 0939896749
  • Email:
After a successful career in manufacturing, Brian Buckner sold his commercial window fabrication plant and now makes his home with his wife, Edie, in Cuenca. He is a photojournalist and writer currently producing photo essays and stories of life in Ecuador. He and his wife enjoy hiking, photography, writing and giving their time to those in need. Brian may be reached by email at